100 Best Opinion Writing Topics (2023)

Are you looking for the best opinion writing topics on the Internet? The good news is that you've come to the right place. We have a list of 100 topics for you. Also, you are free to use any of the threads as you see fit. This means, of course, that you can reshape them any way you like. We know that finding good topics for opinion essays can take hours, if not days. We also know that the quality of the topics you write your papers on directly influences your grades. Don't believe us? We'll quickly demonstrate why you absolutely need exceptional topics for opinion essays.

Do you need topics for opinion writing?

Let's be honest: writing opinion essay topics is not easy. If it were, everyone would. You wouldn't be looking for the best topics right now. In almost every guide on how to write an opinion essay, you'll find some information on how to choose the right topics. However, no one explains how you can write the topics yourself.

But why would you spend days thinking about topics to write an opinion essay? The quick way to solve the problem is to find some good threads on the Internet. However, rest assured that finding quality topics is not easy either. In fact, you are more likely to find a great opinion essay outline than a great topic.

Finding Good Opinion Writing Topics Is Tricky

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that the use of topics found in sample opinion essays should not be used. Why? Because most of your peers are probably using the same topics as we speak, and it's one of thethings you shouldn't do when writing an essay. Your topic will not be original and you will not receive any bonus points. Speaking of bonus points, did you know that professors award bonus points for essays written on interesting and unique topics?

You might be tempted to search for topics on various websites. Most sites never update their threads. That means, again, you won't have an original topic. Remember that our writers always come up with new opinion essay topics. We update the list of free topics periodically to keep it fresh. That is, we are your best option.

100+ opinion writing topics

Education opinion essay ideas

Are you looking for some education opinion writing ideas? We have some really cool ones for you here:

  1. We need more ecological education!
  2. Punishing students at school is wrong.
  3. Distance learning problems.
  4. We need more religion in our education.
  5. I need a longer school break
  6. Learning only what we like.

Easy topics for opinion writing

Don't want to spend a lot of time writing the opinion essay? Take a look at our easy topics for writing an opinion essay:

  1. Ways to eliminate corruption.
  2. unethical private prisons
  3. Minors should be able to vote.
  4. What caused the Cold War?
  5. Stop eating so much meat.
  6. The Advantages of Socialism.

5th Grade Opinion Writing Topics

Are you in 5th grade and need a great opinion writing topic? Here are some relatively easy ones for you:

  1. The benefits of online streaming.
  2. Cats reduce stress.
  3. What is the role of my president?
  4. Best way to eliminate corruption.
  5. The benefits of knowing your history.
  6. Do we need so much parental supervision?

Environment Argumentative Essay Topics

Talking about the environment never gets old. In fact, your teacher will very much appreciate your choice. Here are some interesting topics:

  1. Dangers of climate change.
  2. Ban blast fishing!
  3. Why glaciers are melting.
  4. Greenhouse gases are killing us.
  5. Ensure sustainable food sources.
  6. Overgrazing is dangerous.
  7. Is resource scarcity a real thing?

Ideas for Opinion Articles

Need some ideas for opinion articles? No problem! We have some great examples that you can use for free right now:

  1. Mobile networks are destroying our forests.
  2. Pros and cons of electric vehicles.
  3. Why is overfishing so bad?
  4. I think the world is going in the wrong direction.
  5. We're running out of ice.
  6. The truth about ecological damage is hidden from us.
  7. Why is the Panama Canal so important?

History opinion writing ideas

Your teacher will be thrilled to read an opinion essay on a history topic. We have a list of the most interesting topics here:

  1. My favorite historical figure.
  2. This decade is the best in history.
  3. Students should read more history books.
  4. How we oppress the native Indians.
  5. Afghanistan: a history of conflict.
  6. How World War II began.

IELTS Opinion Writing Topics

When you need IELTS opinion writing topics, you absolutely need to take a look at our list. We strive to update it as often as possible.

  1. Is prevention better than cure?
  2. Do we need more security and control on the Internet?
  3. Are single-sex schools worse than co-ed schools?
  4. Are scientists more important than artists?
  5. What is more important, a good salary or job satisfaction?
  6. Should we invest money in protecting endangered species?

Complex Ideas for Opinion Essays

Want to impress your teacher? You could try writing an opinion essay on a more complex topic:

  1. What does my pet think of me?
  2. Drinking wine daily helps to live longer.
  3. Restricting the terms of members of Congress.
  4. The dangers of violent video games.
  5. Pros and cons of GMOs.
  6. Torture can be effective.
  7. We must ban the use of stem cells.

College opinion essay ideas

College students need more complex topics than high school students. Choose any opinion essay topic from the list below and start writing now:

  1. Fracking must be stopped.
  2. Gender discrimination in our legal system.
  3. Are private schools really better?
  4. Use public transport more.
  5. ICE detention camps.
  6. What causes alcohol addiction?
  7. Can we ban smoking?

Political Science Opinion Writing Ideas

Looking for some opinion ideas for a political essay? We have some ideas that are great for 2023:

  1. Political messages on Twitter.
  2. Political messages on Facebook.
  3. Benefits of political strikes.
  4. The failure of our foreign policy.
  5. Controlling guns politically.
  6. Corruption at the highest levels.

High School Opinion Writing Ideas

We are pleased to present our opinion article topics for high school students. You are free to use any of the following ideas as you see fit:

  1. Can you have a lot of money?
  2. No babysitting until age 14.
  3. Eliminate bullying in schools.
  4. Educational video games.
  5. We should be allowed to choose our teachers.
  6. We can drive in 14 instead of 16.
  7. No Facebook for children under 14.

Some unpopular opinion topics

We actually provide sample opinion essays for free. We even have some very unpopular topics you can play around with:

  1. Is Beyoncé overrated?
  2. Ketchup should be served cold.
  3. Dangers of rare steak.
  4. Vegan is better than vegetarian.
  5. Your smartphone is dangerous.
  6. Why pay your taxes?

Public Opinion Topics

As you probably know, writing an opinion essay can be difficult. To make things a little easier, try one of our public opinion threads:

  1. I don't agree with Trump.
  2. We must be Russia's allies.
  3. Obamacare is bad for America.
  4. Who will win the next election?
  5. My favorite sports team.
  6. Can we eliminate poverty?

nursing ideas

You will be thrilled to know that we have some great topics for nursing opinion writing. Here are some of the more interesting ones we can think of:

  1. Can bladder cancer be cured?
  2. Causes of vaginal atrophy.
  3. Can we control infectious diseases?
  4. What caused the COVID-19 pandemic?
  5. Breast cancer prevention.
  6. Prohibition of abortion in the USA.

Some good opinion threads

Are you looking for the most interesting opinion topics? Our ENL writers brainstormed and presented these ideas to our readers:

  1. Avoid the RIAA labels and your music.
  2. We need longer school breaks.
  3. Physical education is extremely important.
  4. School dress codes are limiting our freedom.
  5. Do we live in an immoral society?
  6. You must learn a second language.

social media topics

Almost any opinion essay sample you find on the Internet is about a social media topic. Here are some topics that no one has thought of yet:

  1. We rely too much on the Internet.
  2. Technology is fundamental to education.
  3. Identity theft prevention.
  4. Parts of the Internet must be censored.
  5. Facebook is killing social interaction.
  6. Are social networks safe?
  7. Smartphone and children apps.

The Opinion Essay: Tips and Tricks

So, here are some interesting tips and tricks. How do you start an opinion essay? The first thing you need to do is read some great examples of opinion essays. They will teach you how to write an opinion essay quickly. The next thing you should do is learn how to start an opinion essay. We probably have an article about it on our website, so you might as well just read it. Remember, the opening statement in opinion essay writing is very important. Take your time and write the best statement possible.

Finally, remember that while you are free to present and support your opinion (you can sometimes be subjective), you must write your article following all relevant academic writing standards. If you need help with this, ourbest writersand professional editors are at your service.


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