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Planning a teenage birthday party can be quite challenging because teens change their minds so often that one year they want a birthday party with all their classmates and the next just a select few. The teenage years are formative years and as such a teenager's likes and dislikes tend to change on a whim. Depending on your age, you may not choose to throw parties that you used to be used to. Instead, you have to keep what they like in mind when thinking about organizing a party for them and planning their birthday party around their newfound interests.

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Below are some places you can (and should) take your teenage child for their birthday - depending on what they want.


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Some venues require reservations prior to the birthday party. Make sure you make the right reservations and pay the bills before the party - if the place is a hotspot for birthday parties, they can provide some party essentials for an additional fee.

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The most important factor to consider before booking a venue or making any plans are the things your teenage child likes. Are you into video games? Wizard? aliens? Monster? Princesses? Knowing this information will help you plan an unforgettable birthday party for your teenage child. Read this article about some of theadolescent interests and hobbies.


Another thing to consider when looking for teenage birthday party venues is price. Can you afford it or are you making yourself thin? Because there are alternatives to throwing big lavish parties for teens that will still make them smile and be unforgettable. Here are somesentimental gifts for teenagersto draw inspiration.



One good thing about amusement parks is that they have activities for everyone, which makes them some of the bestThe best place for a teenage birthday party. If your teenage child has a sense of adventure, then spending the day with their friends at an amusement park would be the ideal birthday.

Most theme parks will organize the party for you so you can enjoy the day with your kid instead of running around throwing the party for your guests. However, as the lead planner, you still need to choose the theme for your child's birthday party, organize the number of people attending, and create a budget for the party. The good thing about choosing a theme park as a birthday location is that there are different packages available, so you can choose based on your budget – while also giving your child an unforgettable experience.


If your child's birthday party is in the winter, why not plan an ice cream themed birthday party? If your kid loves to ice skate or wants to learn how to ice skate then this would be the best birthday party for them.

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Most ice rinks have birthday packages to choose from - making them flexible in terms of budget and affordability. Some ice rinks even give you a separate room for all your birthday fun like cake cutting and gift wrapping - when you're done having fun on the ice.

Alternatively, if you can afford it, you can rent the entire rink for the whole day to give your teenage child and their friends a much more complete and unique experience.


OthersVenue for a teenage birthday partyis the mall. This is special for your teenage daughter but if your teenage son loves to go shopping then this would be a great party idea for him too! You can let your teenage child invite their closest friends and take them on a shopping spree with gift cards from various teenage stores. You can go to the food court later for dinner and cake - the birthday party is officially over. The best thing about the mall as a place for your teenage child's birthday party is that it takes very little time to plan and organize - plus you don't have to clean up afterwards. That's a bonus for you and your child.



A cinema is afun place for a teenage birthday. Take your child to see the latest blockbuster movie on the big screen in HD and 3D (where available). This is a great birthday activity as it allows you to spend time with your teen and watch something that they find exciting and fun. Letting your child choose the movie shows that you value their input and opinion, and gives them responsibility to take charge and control their life—a lifelong lesson indeed, made from a simple birthday activity.


If your child is interested in music - which most teenagers are - then a concert by their favorite band or artist would be the right thing to dofun place for her birthday. You can search for teen concerts that are available near you or near you and buy tickets to give your child an unforgettable experience and the pleasure of seeing their favorite band or artist live in concert.

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Disneyland is a very popular place for birthday parties for people of all ages. If your teenage child is into Disney shows and characters, which have now expanded into the DC Universe, there's a selection that will appeal to both teenage boys and girls. Disneyland is a birthday spot that every teenager should visit at least once - they have a whole 'teen section' on their website and you can book your day online in advance. Just tell them what you want them to deliver for your child's birthday and they'll do it all for you.

You can also have Disney trivia, pictionary and costumes for activities at the party. Let your child help you plan these activities so they are things they would like to do with their friends.

Venues for teenage birthday parties


If your child plays sports or sports, a sporting event is a good place to take them for their birthday. It could be a local game, a college game, or a big national game. Either way, your child will enjoy seeing what's happening up close - the crowd, cheering and intensity of it all will give your child a lasting memory of their birthday.


Take your child and their friends to experience nature. Camping is afun place for a boy to have his birthday party- teach him to survive in the wild and hunt his own food (depending on how old your child is, you can of course always choose to bring your food from home and just spend the night at camp instead.

There are many activities you can do while camping, e.g. B. fishing, making s'mores, telling scary stories, (arm) wrestling and bird watching.

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If you are planning a teenage birthday party on a budget, consider hosting a gaming party for your child. Let him invite his friends over and have a selection of video games for them to play that night. Give them the whole living room - or the basement or attic - stock them up on snacks and let them start their night of fun with the best video games they own. You can also go one step further and say that each guest should bring a video game that they have and enjoy playing to diversify the variety of games.


Alternatively, you can throw your girl a slumber party with all her friends. Just like with the boys, you should provide the girls with food and a place to entertain. There are also many activities that they can indulge in. Read this article to learn more.


A very cute birthday present for your teenage child would be to take them out to dinner at a very nice restaurant. As a family you can choose to either go as a unit or have a mother daughter dinner, mother son dinner, father daughter dinner or father son dinner. In any case, and with the choice of the birthday girl, this is a very special treat that could easily become a family tradition. Here you can get to know your child better - talk to them about their life, goals, dreams, boys, girls, sexuality, religion and everything in between. It is important to work towards building a strong relationship with your children. Studies show that while most parents feel close to their teenage children, only about 66% talk about issues that are important and important to their child.


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