27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (2023)

India's vibrant capital, Delhi, is a real treat for the senses. Frantic, chaotic, colorful and exuberant are just a few words to describe this unique destination. A city of striking contrasts, Delhi is among the oldest surviving cities in the world. You'll find ancient architecture next to modern masterpieces, crowded markets next to high-end malls and the rich next to the poor.

There are monuments galore, places of worship dedicated to various religions, many museums and peaceful parks where you can take a break and enjoy some respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. Delhi has more than its fair share of the usual attractions and oddities, and there are plenty of things to keep people of all ages enthralled.

Knowing where to start in this huge and bustling city can be difficult, so we've compiled this list of the best places to visit in Delhi to ensure you have an unforgettable trip.


  • Need a place fast? Here is the best neighborhood in Delhi:
  • These are the best places to visit in Delhi!
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  • Have fun in the capital of India, Delhi!

Need a place fast? Here is the best neighborhood in Delhi:


Hauz Khas

You can discover it all at Hauz Khas Complex, with free entry just such a treat! The ruins are incredibly picturesque and intact, taking you back eight centuries to their heyday.

Places to visit:

  • Put on your fake mustache (provided) and dance in The Living Room.
  • Relax at Deer Park in the northeast corner of the neighborhood.
  • And obviously, spend a whole day at the Hauz Khas Complex, seeing everything it has to offer!

These are the best places to visit in Delhi!

Delhi is huge and there is so much to see, touch, smell and taste (your senses will be on fire for the entire trip), which also makes it a bit confusing when it comes to finding the right accommodation for you. be sure to checkwhere to stay in delhifirst, where we've compiled a list of all our favorites!

27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (2)

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    #1 – Red Fort – Possibly one of the most important places to visit in Delhi

    27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (3)
    • Stunning architectural gem
    • UNESCO World Heritage
    • Home to several interesting museums
    • Long history and an old imperial house

    Why it's awesome:Delhi's Red Fort is one of the city's most visited attractions and an essential stop on anyDelhi itinerary. Home to Mughal emperors for 200 years, the magnificent red sandstone fortress was built in the late 1630s by the same emperor who built the Taj Mahal. Built according to Islamic principles, the fortress also has evidence of Hindu, Persian and Timurid styles. The Mughal dynasty ended here. The powerful complex appears in some Indian notes. Now a UNESCO-listed site, the large octagonal fort covers over 250 acres and has plenty of interesting things to see and do inside.

    What to do there:Marvel at the towering and imposing outer walls before passing through the grand Delhi Gate or Lahori Gate to enter the impressive complex. Admire architectural gems such as the Diwan-i-Aam and Diwan-i-Khas audience halls, the imperial apartments and baths, the Pearl Mosque and the stepwell, which was once used as a prison. There are impressive sculptures and artistic expressions throughout the complex, and art lovers can enjoy a large collection of rare pieces at the Drishyakala Museum. Step back in time at Kranti Mandir's interesting museums and stroll through beautiful gardens.

    #2 – Qutub Complex – A great place to see in Delhi if you love architecture

    27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (4)
    • UNESCO World Heritage
    • Nightly sound and light shows
    • Home to the first mosque in Delhi
    • beautiful gardens

    Why it's awesome:The impressive Qutub Complex has a number of glorious historic buildings, the most famous of which is the highly carved and carved Qutub Minaret. When built (starting in the late 1100's), the minaret was the tallest "skyscraper" in the world! Though now in ruins, the Quwwat-ul-Islam Mosque was Delhi's first mosque. Other interesting architectural features include the ornate octagonal Tomb of Imam Zamin, the elaborately carved Tomb of Iltutmish, the tower of Ala-i-Minar and the Iron Pillar. The pleasant gardens are great for relaxing and taking a break from the busy city streets.

    What to do there:Admire the beautiful structures within the complex and behold the imposing Qutub Minaret. While visitors can no longer climb to the top of the tower, you can still enjoy the view from the top via an elevated webcam. The various structures are photogenic and it's a great place to take lots of amazing pictures. Pack a picnic to enjoy in the peaceful gardens or simply stroll through the landscaped gardens enjoying a rare moment of tranquility. Return in the evening to watch the impressive sound and light show and see the wonderful structures illuminated gloriously. You can also join anight walking touraround the complex with a local guide who will give you more information about the history of this amazing place.

    #3 – Humayun's Tomb – One of the coolest historical sites in Delhi!

    27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (5)
    • Beautiful well maintained gardens
    • UNESCO World Heritage
    • impressive architecture
    • First prominent Mughal building in Delhi

    Why it's awesome:The final resting place of the second Mughal emperor, the UNESCO-listed Humayun's Tomb dates back to the 1500s and was the first major Mughal monument in Delhi. It is often said to have been the inspiration for the luxurious Taj Mahal in Agra. Built of sandstone, it was commissioned by the bereaved wife of the Emperor to honor her late love. The site also has several other tombs, including the ancient Tomb of Iza Khan and the mysterious Barber's Tomb - no one knows who is inside this alluring tomb. The beautiful gardens are some of the best in the Indian capital.

    What to do there:Learn about the people honored in the tombs and admire the intricate and fine details, high standards of workmanship, incredible domes and exquisite designs. You're sure to take plenty of photos of the tombs and close-up shots of the eye-catching details. Climb the steep steps to the second level of Humayun's Tomb for a pleasant view of the complex, and walk to the south side to see the crypt. The South Gate is often quieter than the main gate and you can get some great photos from here, away from the crowds. Take time to stroll through the Persian-style gardens and perhaps sit down for a while to enjoy the peaceful air.

    #4 – Lotus Temple – One of the most amazing free places to go in Delhi

    27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (6)
    • Amazing place for meditation
    • Peace symbol
    • free to visit
    • impressive architecture

    Why it's awesome:The Lotus Temple in Delhi is dedicated to the Bahá'í faith. One of Delhi's most unusual and eye-catching buildings, the pale temple was designed to look like a lotus flower. Open to people of all faiths, it is one of the most visited buildings on the planet. Open since 1986, the award-winning building is surrounded by nine beautiful reflecting pools. The temple also does its part for the planet - it was the first temple in Delhi to use solar energy. Admission is free, whether for worship or simply to marvel at the splendor and soak up the spiritual air. We wish there was an Airbnb replica of this temple, but there isn't, so you'll have to settle for one of theThe best Airbnbs in Delhinext.

    What to do there:See the unique temple from the outside, stroll around the perimeter and admire the ponds and gardens. There are many peaceful spots where you can meditate, reflect and enjoy the serene experience. When you enter, look up to see the Greater Name symbol surrounded by small skylights. Interiors are elegantly simple, with no statues, paintings or other religious icons in keeping with Bahá'í beliefs.

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    #5 – Lodhi Garden – A beautiful outdoor place to visit in Delhi

    27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (7)
    • free to visit
    • romantic setting
    • Small historical monuments surrounded by nature
    • peaceful and calm

    Why it's awesome:Lodhi Garden is one of the most beautiful outdoor spaces in Delhi. Formerly used as a burial ground for ancient rulers, there are many ancient tombs and monuments dotted across the sprawling grounds. Well maintained, the gardens are calm and peaceful with lots of native flora. Many of the trees have signs informing people of the species, perfect if you are interested in botany. Pathways lead around the garden and there is plenty of space for children to let off steam. Couples can enjoy an air of romance and find plenty of secluded spots for an alfresco lunch.

    What to do there:Stroll through the splendid gardens and admire the ornate tombs and memorials. The tombs date back to the 15th centuryºe 16ºcenturies old, and you can soak up the historic vibe as you explore. Some tombs feature large domes and intricate carvings, honoring important rulers who have passed away. If you want to know more details about the garden, you can alsobook a local guidewho will show you.

    Pack a picnic and find a quiet spot to dine in nature and see a variety of plants and wildlife. The lagoon offers more enchanting views. Lodhi Garden is a good place to meditate or read a book and visitors can bring yoga mats and practice stretching and mindfulness. If you're feeling active, you can also cycle along the slopes.

    #6 – Majnu Ka Tilla – An unknown (but amazing!) place to see in Delhi!

    27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (8)
    • Delhi's Little Tibet
    • Built to house Tibetan refugees
    • See a different culture
    • Great place to buy unusual souvenirs

    Why it's awesome:The settlement of Majnu Ka Tilla was built in the 1960s as a refugee camp for devout Tibetans who went to India when the Dalai Lama went into exile. Today, it is a great place to immerse yourself in the rich Tibetan culture and learn more about the Himalayan traditions and way of life. Known as Little Tibet, the area sits on the banks of the Yamuna River and has an array of authentic Tibetan restaurants, cafes and shops. A little off the beaten track, few tourists add this fascinating area to their itinerary.

    What to do there:See local dwellings and learn more about Tibetan life from the friendly locals. Stroll down narrow streets with colorful prayer flags hanging overhead. You will notice an interesting difference in culture here and in other parts of Delhi. Visit the small monastery and temple to soak up the spiritual air and witness religious rituals, and dine on typical Tibetan cuisine at one of the many restaurants. Popular dishes include momos (a type of small dumpling), laping (spicy noodles with mung beans) and spicy stews with meat and potatoes. Browse the handicraft and antique shops and pause to browse the interesting array of wares on the market stalls. It's a fantastic place to shop for unusual gifts and souvenirs.

    #7 – Chandni Chowk – A great place in Delhi if you like to shop!

    27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (9)
    • Historic and lively market
    • Huge selection of goods
    • local life
    • Tempting food and snacks

    Why it's awesome:Chandni Chowk is one of the oldest and busiest markets in Delhi. A great place to immerse yourself in local life, it's also a shopaholic's paradise. Narrow atmospheric alleys are lined with stalls and shops selling just about anything you can imagine. From colorful clothing and bracelets to household items and souvenirs, there's sure to be something to catch your eye. Divided into sections, it's pretty easy to find what you're looking for. There are historic buildings throughout the gigantic bazaar and the market has featured in several Bollywood hits.

    What to do there:Part of the fun of Chandni Chowk is simply strolling through the bustling market and soaking up the sights, sounds and smells. Browse a wide selection of products and shop for souvenirs - don't forget to practice your haggling skills to secure the best deal. There are plenty of places to rest your feet and enjoy a meal and drink while watching the world go by. Quitehostels in Delhiare located nearby.

    #8 – ISKCON Temple – A quirky place in Delhi!

    27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (10)
    • Animated Hare Krishna Temple
    • Great on-site restaurant
    • Fascinating presentations and demos
    • Learn about the different beliefs

    Why it's awesome:Delhi ISKCON Temple, officially named Sri Sri Radha Parthasarathi Mandir, is one of the largest religious buildings in India. Built in 1990s, devotees come here to pay their respects and worship Lord Krishna. An important place for spirituality and education, the foundation promotes peace, togetherness and happiness. You'll hear adherents chanting the rhythmic and melodic Hare Krishna mantra and various demonstrations, workshops and events that seek to inform people about the center's ideas and goals. Some presentations are new and unusual, using robotics to convey messages! There is also an excellent restaurant within the spiritual complex.

    What to do there:Learn more about the Hare Krishna movement and watch people chant and pray (we recommendgoing with a guidelearn even more!). The building is photogenic, but it's the atmosphere that really makes it a must-visit place in Delhi. Don't miss the unique Vedic Museum where you will find the Ramayana Art Gallery and the only Quadrascope in India. The Bhagavad Gita experience is definitely not to be missed - not only does it provide more insight into the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, but the dramatic show uses dazzling light effects and robots! If you've worked up an appetite, stop by Govinda's restaurant for delicious vegetarian food.

    #9 – Jama Masjid – One of the most religious places to see in Delhi

    27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (11)
    • Main place of Islamic worship
    • One of the biggest mosques in India
    • impressive architecture
    • One of the best mosques of the Mughal era

    Why it's awesome:Built in the mid-1600s, the Jama Mosque was commissioned by Emperor Shah Jahan, the same emperor responsible for the Taj Mahal in Agra and the Red Fort in Delhi. Among India's largest mosques, beautiful red brick and marble buildings surround a huge central courtyard with a pool where people wash before prayers. The mosque can accommodate up to 25,000 worshipers at any one time. It was once used to house British soldiers after they captured the city. Intricate carvings cover the walls, with text from the Qur'an written in elegant calligraphy and many geometric designs. The muezzin issues the hypnotic call to prayer five times a day from one of two soaring minarets.

    What to do there:Enter through one of the large gates and marvel at the gigantic courtyard. Enjoy the grand details of the mosque and watch as worshipers complete their ablutions in the pool before performing their prayers. You can climb the narrow, winding staircase to the top of one of the minarets for incredible views of the city. Visitors should dress modestly with legs and shoulders covered - robes are available for rent.

    Insider Tip: This place isbest visited with a guide, and ideally, combined with a stop at Chandni Chowk and Kinari Bazaar afterwards for some local snacks and shopping.

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    #10 – Kiran Nadar Museum of Art – A perfect place to visit in Delhi if you are on a budget!

    • lots of interesting art
    • free to join
    • First private museum in India dedicated to modern art
    • Contains works by local and international artists of all ages

    Why it's awesome:Inspired by world-famous modern art museums such as the MoMA and the Guggenheim, the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art Delhi was the country's first private art museum focusing on contemporary arts. The art museum contains around 4,500 interesting pieces and there are two locations, one in the heart of Delhi and the other in Noida. The works range from the end of the 19th century to the present day, with pieces by established artists and rising names. The museum also often hosts various workshops. There is no admission fee to enjoy the thought-provoking and eye-catching art.

    What to do there:Seeing the diverse works of contemporary art is the main thing to do at the Kiran Nadar Museum of Art. You can enjoy pieces by famous Indian artists such as M.F. Husain and Raja Ravi Varma, as well as works by artists who are still trying to make a name for themselves, such as Ram Kumar, Jamini Roy, Tyeb Mehta and Arpita Singh. Families will love the Saturday workshops, where young creative minds can learn a variety of skills, including kite and mask making, sculpting, glass painting and fabric collages.

    #11 – Coronation Park – A peaceful and pleasant place to see in Delhi

    27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (13)
    • least visited spot
    • Enjoy nature and be outdoors
    • quiet atmosphere
    • Colonial history and interesting monuments
    (Video) Aadi mahotsav in delhi full tour - 4K | Aadi mahotsav 2023 delhi | Best place to visit in delhi 2023

    Why it's awesome:The historically significant Coronation Park receives relatively few visitors and as such is a pleasant place to escape the crowds and enjoy a few moments of peace in frenetic Delhi. Often considered the birthplace of New Delhi, it was an important place in India's colonial years. It is where King George V was officially crowned as the Emperor of India in a grand ceremony full of pomp and splendor. Queen Victoria has also been named as the nation's empress here. Delhi was also declared the capital of India at Coronation Park. There are colonial statues and monuments scattered throughout the park, as well as large grassy areas.

    What to do there:Get away from the beaten track and walk through Coronation Park, one of Delhi's overlooked sights. You'll find a huge statue of King George V, as well as several other statues of prominent figures from India's colonial past. The gigantic sandstone obelisk is impressive, commemorating the founding of the new capital of India in Delhi. Empty plinths and a general air of neglect create a rather eerie atmosphere, the silence and decay a stark contrast to the grand parades held here in times gone by.

    #12 – National Zoological Park – Amazing place to visit in Delhi with kids!

    27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (14)
    • Home to around 130 species of animals
    • Ancient architecture across the land
    • Projects related to conservation and education
    • Save your legs and explore in a battery-operated cart

    Why it's awesome:The National Zoological Park opened in the late 1950s and is home to a wide variety of animals from around the world. Many creatures live in enclosures that have been specially created to resemble their natural habitat. In addition to being a place where people can observe various animals, it is also an important center for education and conservation. Inside the zoo you will also find the remains of several smaller structures from times gone by, as well as the remains of a 16ºcentury citadel. A pleasant place to spend the day, especially for those traveling with children, visitors have the option to tour the large zoo or hop into a battery-powered vehicle to get around the grounds more quickly.

    What to do there:Observe a variety of animals from the four corners of the globe. The creatures that call the zoo home include leopards, bears, tigers (including the magnificent white tigers), crocodiles, elephants, lions, deer, monkeys, gibbons, various species of birds and reptiles, and much more. Find out the feeding schedules of different animals and watch how they devour their meals. There are also numerous plant species around the zoo. Travel around the zoo in an electric car if you don't feel like walking; this is especially good for preventing little ones from getting tired too easily. There are plenty of benches around the zoo where you can rest if you're exploring on foot, and you'll find places to grab food, drinks and snacks.

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    27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (15)

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    #13 – Jantar Mantar – One of the most unique places to visit in Delhi!

    27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (16)
    • Fascinating astronomy equipment
    • Built to assist in reviewing calendar and astronomical information
    • One of five observatories in India built under the emperor's orders
    • Incredible instrument accuracy

    Why it's awesome:Jantar Mantar in Delhi dates back to the early 1700s. Built during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Muhammed Shah, the ancient observatory's main purpose was to collect astronomical information and predict the movements of the planets, sun and moon. The large structures were surprisingly accurate, despite looking like unusual sculptures. Though the site has fallen into disrepair over the years, the massive instruments are still impressive to behold, particularly when you consider their accuracy and past use.

    What to do there:Marvel at the four main equipments: the Samrat Yantra, the Jayprakash Yantra, the Ram Yantra and the Mishra Yantra. The Samrat Yantra is essentially a large sundial, although it can also be used to measure the positions of other elements in the heavens. The Jayprakash Yantra was used to identify stars, the Rama Yantra helped measure the altitude of stars, and the five parts of the Misra Yantra could calculate the longest and shortest days and tell where noon was elsewhere in the world. . Gaze at the imposing structures and appreciate how advanced they were for their time, climb the steps of some of the larger structures for good views of the unusual site, and take plenty of photos of the weird and wonderful implements.

    #14 – Sadar Bazaar – A must for foodies!

    27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (17)
    • Delhi's Largest Wholesale Market
    • busy and excited
    • Good prices
    • Huge selection of tasty foods

    Why it's awesome:Sadar Bazaar has a long history and the area has been at the forefront of various political events. Delhi's largest wholesale market and one of the largest markets in Asia is positively thriving with life. Chaotic and at times a little overwhelming, it's a great place to get a taste of local life and see Delhi through a raw, unfiltered lens. The market is also known for its wide variety of foods.

    What to do there:Soak up the energy of the market and let yourself be swept away by the crowd. Walk through narrow and congested streets and experience old Delhi. See how business is done and browse smaller specialty markets for cheap goods, jewelry, leather goods, electronics, toys and other goods. Inhale the culinary aromas and satisfy your taste buds at one of the many restaurants and food carts, sampling things like fried chaat and savory pastries.

    #15 – Tau Devi Lal Bio Diversity Park – A good non-touristy place to visit in Delhi

    27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (18)
    • Nature and outdoors
    • Far from the tourist trail
    • Good place for leisure and exercise
    • peaceful and refreshing

    Why it's awesome:Located in Gurgaon, a satellite city in the greater Delhi area, Tau Devi Lal Bio Diversity Park is a pleasant green space where locals go to relax, run and socialize. A walking trail leads around the park. It offers a peaceful break from the city and a great way to spend time outdoors and escape the concrete jungle. Few foreign tourists come here so you can mingle with the locals and see how people enjoy their downtime.

    What to do there:Enjoy the fresh air and nature in the midst of urban sprawl and practice activities such as walking and jogging. The green spaces are great for children to run and play and the overhanging trees provide plenty of shade on the hottest of days. Grab your yoga mat and practice on the grass, or pack a picnic and enjoy alfresco dining.

    #16 – Kathputli Colony – An amazing place to visit in Delhi for half a day!

    27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (19)
    • Old World Atmosphere
    • Delhi raw and authentic
    • Many fascinating street artists
    • Favela redevelopment projects

    Why it's awesome:Delhi's Kathputli Colony was created in the 1950s by puppet artists from Rajasthan. In fact, the name of the area comes from the Hindi word for puppet. Years later, other types of artists came to live in the settlement, with musicians, artists, magicians, singers, healers, acrobats and others living alongside the puppeteers. Although it is a slum area, it is vibrant and creative; performers often practice away from home, and it's not uncommon to come across improvised shows. Electric and magnetic, the area has a real exotic feel and a feeling of ancient India. Colourful, lively and atmospheric, it's hard not to feel enchanted when exploring Kathputli Colony.

    What to do there:Take your time walking around Kathputli Colony, soaking up the atmosphere and watching a range of artists showcase their amazing skills. She sways to the music, be dazzled by snake charmers and puppet shows, marvel at the impressive movements of agile acrobats, and perhaps experiment with some traditional healing methods. She strike up a conversation with the locals and learn more about life in one of Delhi's most creative settlements.

    27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (20)

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      #17 – Akshardham Temple – One of the nicest places to hang out in Delhi!

      27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (21)
      • Travel back in time through India's rich culture and spiritual beliefs
      • impressive architecture
      • Varied activities to enjoy
      • informative and educational
      (Video) best places to visit in delhi | travelling delhi-gurgaon

      Why it's awesome:The Akshardham Temple is a relatively new place of worship and spiritual education, opened since the year 2005. The grand main building of the Akshardham Mandir. it is adorned with glorious domes and has delicate carvings. Statues and beautiful gardens add to the beauty. The complex is home to a number of interesting exhibits, and visitors can even take a cool boat ride as they learn more about Indian culture and ancient religious beliefs. Another great feature of the sacred complex is a traditional vegetarian restaurant.

      What to do there:Photograph the beautiful building from the outside and admire the details before entering the complex. With around 20,000 statues and images, there's certainly plenty to catch your eye! Watch as people pay their respects and seek blessings at Nilkanth Abhishek, see the holy waters at the artificial lake of Narayan Sarovar, eat tasty vegetarian dishes and be mesmerized by the grand and charming musical fountain of Yagnapurush Kund. There are several beautiful gardens to enjoy, including the sculpture-filled Bharat Upavan and the lotus-shaped Yogi Hraday Kamal with its many quotes carved into stone tablets. Learn more about Indian culture at the various exhibits and displays; perhaps the most interesting and unusual feature is the boat trip where you can take a trip back in time to experience India more intimately. The mesmerizing show uses vivid imagery, robotics and lasers to capture your attention.

      #18 – Connaught Place – A great place to visit in Delhi at night

      27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (22)
      • See the great National Flag flown with pride
      • Once the heart of the city's movie frenzy
      • A great place for nightlife
      • An important commercial and leisure area

      Why it's awesome:Designed by Edwin Lutyens, Connaught Place is one of the largest public spaces in Delhi. A major business and leisure area today, the huge circular area was once the heart of imperial British India. Delhi's first luxury hotel also opened its doors here. It has a charming market where you can buy a variety of goods, a popular park, historic buildings alongside skyscrapers, a large Indian flag and numerous restaurants, drinks and shopping establishments. Attractions in the area include the photogenic historic well of Agrasen ki Baoli, a small mosque, the Statesman Building, cinemas and the National Philatelic Museum.

      What to do there:During the day, Connaught Place offers plenty to see and do. Admire the diverse architecture, shop till you drop and relax in beautiful Central Park. Connaught Place is also one of the best places in Delhi for night entertainment and fun. Many stores stay open late, perfect for after-hours retail therapy, and there are restaurants to suit all tastes. You will find many high-class restaurants where you can enjoy a romantic meal. The bars are varied, from casual to super stylish, and the clubs and clubs keep the music pumping and the crowd dancing until the wee hours of the morning. Make sure you dress to impress as this is one of the most stylish and trendy night spots in Delhi.

      #19 – The Garden of Five Senses – Great place to visit in Delhi for couples!

      27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (23)
      • Large garden spanning 20 acres
      • Separate areas dedicated to different themes
      • romantic atmosphere
      • Good place to enjoy the outdoors

      Why it's awesome:The Garden of Five Sense is one of the most romantic outdoor spots in Delhi. Each of the distinctive gardens is stunning, picturesque and relaxing, and there are nearly 200 species of plants and flowers, as well as water features, statues, shaded paths, pools and other attractions. As its name implies, the garden is designed to appeal to all five senses, with vivid colors, delightful fragrances, sounds of nature and other sensory experiences. It's a popular recreational spot with a variety of activities to enjoy, including shopping and dining.

      What to do there:Delight in nature's treasures in the Five Senses' stunning garden. Follow the nature walk to discover the many types of trees planted in the park, stretch your legs, see interesting architecture and see a large collection of sculptures. In fact, the many sculptures make this one of the largest public art shows in the capital. Feel the serenity and splendor at the Mughal-inspired Khas Bagh, complete with gently flowing waterways, flowers, fountains and illuminated pathways. Soak up the enchanting views from Neel Bagh's lily-filled pool, enjoy the diverse shades in the Color Garden, and follow the fragrance's aromatic trail for a tingling sensation in the nostrils. Visit the art exhibitions and grab a bite to eat at the food court.

      #20 – Worlds of Wonder – Easily one of the most fun places to visit in Delhi

      27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (24)
      • Fabulous family attraction
      • Perfect place to beat the heat
      • Fun and laughter for people of all ages
      • Thrills and thrills on various tours

      Why it's awesome:Worlds of Wonder is a large water park with plenty to keep you busy. Great for young and old, it's the best place to cool off on a hot summer day, let off steam and have fun. Located in the wider area of ​​the city in Noida, there is an amusement park and a water park. There are rides to get the adrenaline pumping, as well as quieter rides for the little ones. The water park has a variety of slides and chutes, pools, water features and much more. There's no need to go hungry with the good selection of restaurants, and you can buy gifts and other merchandise at the outlets.

      What to do there:Let go and feel the adrenaline on the amazing rides in the amusement park. Spin in the air in Mega Disko, feel your stomach drop in Freefall, feel the need for speed in Fast Forward, and try to stay on Mad Bull's back as long as you can. Visiting the little ones? Check out La Fiesta, with rides like Bird's Nest, Space Shot and Loco Motion. If the heat is a little unbearable, or if you just like wet and wild adventures, pay a visit to the water park. Feel the rush on Free Fall, a near-vertical waterslide, challenge your friends on the Rapid Racer, twist and turn on Raft Tide, get completely soaked in Underwater World, relax on the Lazy River and sway in the Wave Pool.

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      #21 – National Museum – A fascinating educational place to visit in Delhi

      27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (26)
      • Huge collection with pieces from prehistory to the present day
      • One of the biggest museums in India
      • Excellent place to learn more about Indian and world history
      • Exhibitions related to the arts, archaeology, anthropology, weaponry, textiles and more

      Why it's awesome:The National Museum in Delhi covers all the bases when it comes to allowing people to discover more about India and the world throughout the ages. The large museum contains artifacts from ancient times to the present, over 200,000 pieces of art, and numerous rare and unusual items. The auditorium sometimes shows films about history, art and culture. The museum really helps bring the past to life and there is perhaps no better place in the Indian capital to learn so many interesting new facts.

      What to do there:You could spend an entire day in the big museum and not cover everything in depth. Collections are grouped into different sections; it might be best to decide which areas interest you most and focus your attention on a few key exhibits/galleries and then get a brief overview of the other areas. Visit the Harappan Gallery for a fascinating journey back in time and see unique finds including skeletons, antique toys and priceless statues. The Kushana Gallery has a large collection of Buddhist statues and the Buddhist Artifacts Gallery has even more spiritual items. The Gupta Gallery has exquisite terracotta sculptures and statues, largely related to Hinduism. If you are interested in the Middle Ages, don't miss the Medieval Gallery. The Thumbnails Gallery has lots of cute pictures and the Manuscripts Gallery has documents and texts in several languages ​​that cover a huge diversity of topics. Coin collections, musical instruments, the Maritime Heritage Gallery and the Tribal Lifestyle of North East India Gallery are just a few more collections. There's definitely a lot here to appeal to a wide range of interests.

      #22 – Kingdom of Dreams – Cool place to see in Delhi with friends!

      27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (27)
      • captivating show
      • cultural insights
      • Delicious authentic cuisine
      • varied activities

      Why it's awesome:Kingdom of Dreams is a fun place to spend a night in Delhi. Not only can you enjoy a fascinating show that seeks to showcase the best of Indian culture, but you'll also find an array of exciting activities and delicious meals for a diverse and unforgettable evening. Travel across the vast country of India in a single night and learn more about this fascinating nation. There are elements from many different regions including music, costumes, food, beliefs and more. Stunning architecture, beautiful clothing and highly skilled artists all add to the fabulous experience.

      What to do there:Make time to visit the various exhibits and exhibits before the main show, enjoying things like massages, small-scale dance performances, music, crafts, arts and street performers, all under a single dome. Sample cuisines from across India and watch as skilled chefs prepare culinary delights in open kitchens. Sit back and relax as you watch a captivating show that combines Indian culture, traditions, religions and mythology. You can buy a variety of handicrafts from across the country to take home and there are definitely plenty of amazing photo opportunities.

      #23 – Okhla Bird Sanctuary – A beautiful and picturesque place to visit in Delhi

      27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (28)
      • Home to around 300 species of birds
      • large panoramic lake
      • picturesque views
      • diverse landscapes

      Why it's awesome:Located in the satellite city of Noida, the Okhla Bird Sanctuary has varied terrains including swamps, a lake, grasslands and bushes. The area is a magnet for many different types of birds, some of which choose the area as a breeding ground. The sanctuary also attracts migratory birds and several rare and endangered species can be found here. It's definitely a great place for keen ornithologists. The views are scenic too.

      What to do there:Take a stroll along the wooden walkway and keep your eyes peeled for the many birds that call the area home. Binoculars can increase your chances of recognizing different species. Signs list some of the more common inhabitants to help you cross them off your list of bird sightings. Admire the views and take lots of pictures.

      #24 – Jim Corbett National Park – A must-visit place to visit outside of Delhi for a long weekend!

      27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (29)
      • India's oldest national park
      • Home to a wide variety of wildlife, including several large species
      • Good chances of spotting a variety of creatures
      • adventurous and exciting
      (Video) Valentines day Best places to visit in delhi for couples 2023 - Romantic places in delhi restaurants

      Why it's awesome:The popular Jim Corbett National Park is the oldest national park in India. Home to a fascinating selection of wildlife, the park was created to help protect the endangered Bengal tiger. It is a good place to see the beautiful wild creatures, and the park is also home to animals such as elephants, leopards, reptiles and birds. The dense jungle is also home to diverse flora. A lake, waterfall, valley and dam add to the panoramic views and there's also a temple within the park where you can add a little culture to your visit. A trip is exciting and exciting.

      What to do there:Arrange for a guide to accompany you on walks around the edges of the park to really feel like you are immersed in the wild jungle. Make sure you wear appropriate clothing and comfortable shoes! One of the main activities in Jim Corbett National Park is to go on a jeep safari. Travel through the park in search of animals that roam and stalk the landscapes. Admire the views and take lots of pictures. Also, you can visit the riverside Garjiya Devi Temple and see the locals worshiping and paying homage to the temple deities. The national park definitely offers a fantastic adventure to remember.

      Observation:Jim Corbett National Park is almost 5 hours from Delhi and will require a lot of driving to get there for just one weekend.

      #25 – Raj Ghat – Historic attraction in Delhi

      27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (30)
      • Memorial to mark the spot where Gandhi was cremated
      • Quiet and respectful environment
      • revered place
      • interesting story

      Why it's awesome:Raj Ghat is a simple but moving memorial to Mahatma Gandhi, the peaceful dissident who led India to independence. Known as the Father of the Nation, Gandhi holds a special place in the hearts of most Indians. Surrounded by beautiful lawns and flowers, the black marble memorial is left open to the elements and has an eternal flame. There are several other memorials in the nearby area, erected in memory of various dignitaries and leaders.

      What to do there:Pay your respects to one of India's greatest leaders and remember how peace and non-violence led to success. See the simple memorial and maybe put some flowers and spend a few moments in quiet contemplation. See how the Indians come to pay their sincere respects. Stroll the grounds and see several other commemorative monuments.

      #26 – Deer Park – One of the most romantic places to visit in Delhi!

      27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (31)
      • peaceful and secluded
      • Interesting wildlife
      • beautiful flowers and nature
      • Nice break from city life

      Why it's awesome:Also known as Hauz Khas Lake and A.N. JhaDeer Park, Delhi's Deer Park is a peaceful and beautiful place to enjoy a romantic walk with your beloved one. The park is divided into four different areas: Rose Garden, Deer Park, District Park and Fountain Park. Beautiful views abound and the lake adds even more scenic splendor. There are plenty of shaded spots to escape the heat. Tiny critters prance around the landscaped grounds and you can get up close and personal with the friendly deer that roam free. There is no cost to enjoy the beautiful park.

      What to do there:Stroll through the park, stopping to inhale the fragrant aromas and admire the vibrant colors of the flowers and watch the wildlife. Birds flit through the trees, including colorful parakeets, and small mammals such as rabbits and guinea pigs are easy to spot. The resident deer are a big highlight and you can get some excellent photos of the friendly creatures. Walk around the beautiful lake and nature trails and enjoy the fresh air in the green lung of Delhi. Find a quiet spot to relax on the lawns and maybe enjoy a romantic picnic with your sweetheart. You can also include history in your trip by stopping at several tombs from the Mughal period.

      #27 – Nehru Planetarium at Nehru Memorial Museum and Library – A great place to visit in Delhi if you are solo/traveling solo

      27 BEST places to visit in Delhi (2023) (32)
      • Interesting, educational and informative
      • House of the first Prime Minister of India
      • Great for astronomy fans
      • Various shows and demonstrations

      Why it's awesome:The Nehru Planetarium is located on the grounds of the former home of the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. Teen Murti House now contains a museum about the former leader. The Nehru Planetarium was created in memory of the prime minister, with the aim of deepening knowledge about astronomy and space. A fantastic place for kids, it's also great for solo travelers looking to do something a little different away from the chaotic streets of Delhi. There are regular demonstrations and programs, and visitors can participate in a range of interactive activities, including quizzes and competitions.

      What to do there:Turn your gaze to the sky and learn more about planets, stars and the universe. Take part in different presentations and demonstrations to learn more about what's around our planet. Plan to visit the museum and library as well; the museum seeks to tell people the story of India's independence and the long road to freedom. Visit the former home of the country's first prime minister and learn about the great leader. The library is also interesting, with its huge collection of manuscripts, documents, records, photos and books. It houses many of Gandhi's writings as well as works by other prominent figures from across Indian history.

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      Frequently asked questions about best places to visit in Delhi

      Find out what people want to know about the best places to visit in Delhi

      What is the most visited place in Delhi?

      The Red Fort is the most visited attraction in Delhi.

      What's the coolest place to visit in Delhi?

      Humayun's Tomb is the coolest historical site in Delhi, in my honest opinion.

      What is Delhi known for?

      Delhi is a major commercial and transport hub and the political capital of India.

      Why is Delhi called mini India?

      It's called mini India because people from all over the country have moved here, weaving different subcultures into one big culture.

      (Video) Neer Waterfall Rishikesh | 2023 | Most Famous Waterfall of Rishikesh | Best Places To Visit

      Have fun in the capital of India, Delhi!

      Whether you are visiting Delhi with friends, a special someone, family or traveling solo, there is definitely plenty to see and do. Although it is possible to reach the main highlights in a few days, it is really worth planning to stay longer in the capital to really get to know the city and include several attractions and activities in your itinerary. From culture and history to nature, nightlife, shopping and places a little different, you'll find something for everyone in Delhi.

      Have fun exploring India's vibrant capital and check off many of these best places to visit in Delhi for a diverse and fascinating trip.

      And for the sake of transparency,please be aware that some of the links in our content are affiliate links. This means that if you book your accommodation, buy your equipment or apply for your insurance through our link, we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you). That said, we only link to equipment we trust and never recommend services we don't believe are suitable. Thanks again!


      Which places of Delhi are worth seeing? ›

      Tourist Places in Delhi

      India Gate, Red Fort, Qutab Minar, Hauz Khas, Bahai (Lotus) Temple, Chandni Chowk, Jama Masjid, Rashtrapati Bhawan, Paranthe Wali Gali, Sarojini Nagar Market, Jantar Mantar, Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Connaught Place, Kingdom of Dreams, Raj Ghat and many more.

      How many days are enough for Delhi tour? ›

      Generally, 2 days is a suitable stay length for Delhi: one day for arrival, one for classic city sightseeing, and a day tour to uncover the essence of Delhi culture.

      Is 3 days enough for Delhi? ›

      So how long do you need in Delhi? With a carefully planned trip, 3 days will be enough to see the city sights and beyond. To make things easy, I have sketched out a three day itinerary, a bit tight but to the point, covering all the must-visit places in Delhi for a first time visitor. Book a centrally located hotel.

      Is 2 days enough for Delhi? ›

      Even if you are in Delhi for just 48 hours, you can find lots to see and do. This 2 day Delhi itinerary is here to help ensure you don't miss any top landmarks and attractions! The Old Delhi area, Lotus Temple, and India Gate are just a few of the many places to visit here.

      What are the 6 most popular location in Delhi? ›

      1. Swaminarayan Akshardham. 11,964. Religious Sites • Gardens. ...
      2. Qutub Minar. 13,345. Points of Interest & Landmarks • Architectural Buildings. ...
      3. Humayun's Tomb. 10,504. Architectural Buildings • Religious Sites. ...
      4. Gurudwara Bangla Sahib. 6,829. ...
      5. India Gate. 10,363. ...
      6. Lodhi Garden. 4,138. ...
      7. Lotus Temple. 7,032. ...
      8. Red Fort. 5,546.

      Which month is best to travel in Delhi? ›

      The best time to visit Delhi is from October to March when the weather is at its best. During this period flowers are at their blooming best, the weather is pleasent and enjoyable to experience Incredible Delhi.

      How much money is required to travel Delhi? ›

      How much money will you need for your trip to Delhi? You should plan to spend around ₨3,724 ($45) per day on your vacation in Delhi, which is the average daily price based on the expenses of other visitors. Past travelers have spent, on average, ₨987 ($12) on meals for one day and ₨441 ($5.38) on local transportation.

      Which is the best way to travel Delhi? ›

      1. How to Ride the Metro Train.
      2. Riding the Bus in Delhi.
      3. Sightseeing Buses for Tourists.
      4. Airport Shuttle Bus.
      5. Auto Rickshaws and E-Rickshaws in Delhi.
      6. Taxis in Delhi.
      7. Bicycle and Scooter Rentals in Delhi.
      8. Tips for Getting Around Delhi.
      Feb 11, 2020

      How much money is enough in Delhi? ›

      If you settle for affordable housing, it is possible to live in Delhi at a total monthly cost of ₹20,000 to ₹25,000. In a more expensive area, the overall cost can be ₹35,000 or more.

      How many days required for Delhi and Agra trip? ›

      Delhi Agra Tour is the prime attraction of North India Tour and it can we covered in two days. Delhi Sightseeing offers you a variety of tour options like- heritage walk in old Delhi near Jama Masjid, visiting UNESCO protected monuments like – the Red Fort, the Qutub Minar and the Humayun's Tomb.

      Is Delhi a good tourist destination? ›

      Delhi is undoubtedly one of the most amazing cities which one can hope to explore different places to visit in Delhi in India. The reason for this is an amazing mix of culture, people, and Lutyens architecture.

      What are 2 good things about Delhi? ›

      Delhi is even popular for its great museums like National Museum, Philatelic Museum, Indian Air force Museum, Shankar's International Dolls Museum, National Science Centre, Nehru Planetarium, Kiran Nadar Museum of Heart, National Rail Museum, Tibet House, Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum, National Handlooms and ...

      How many days in India is enough? ›

      Two weeks is often the maximum duration one can take time off from work. Also, if this is your first trip to Asia or to a very different/chaotic country then you might want to visit India for only two weeks. This way you won't get too overwhelmed. Ideally, try and visit only one region in a time frame of two weeks.

      How long is the Delhi tour? ›

      1. Delhi Overview Tour – 4 Hours. Time in hand- Minimum 7 hrs .

      Which district in Delhi is best? ›

      10 Best Localities in Delhi
      • Best Localities in Delhi.
      • Dwarka.
      • Price of Property in Dwarka.
      • Saket.
      • Price of Property in Saket.
      • Janakpuri.
      • Price of Property in Janakpuri.
      • Uttam Nagar.
      Jul 28, 2022

      Which is the most expensive part of Delhi? ›

      Greater Kailash - One of The Most Expensive Areas In Delhi

      Popularly known as GK, the Greater Kailash located in South Delhi, is divided into two divisional zones – GK I and GK II. The area is famous not just because it is home to the affluent f but also because it has some leading retail brands.

      Which is the safest area to live in Delhi? ›

      Areas such as Jor Bagh, Lutyens Bungalow road and Golf Links are some of the richest localities of Delhi. These are also amongst the best and posh areas in Delhi. Which is the safest place in Delhi? Hauz Khas, Saket, Golf Links, Shanti Niketan can be considered as some of the safest place in Delhi to live.

      What is so famous in Delhi? ›

      1. Red Fort. One of the most remarkable forts in Delhi, the Red Fort, has been a popular residence for Mughal emperors. Famous emperor Shah Jahan constructed it in 1648 when British rulers shifted the Indian capital from Agra to Delhi.

      What is so special in Delhi? ›

      The distinguished city of Delhi is blessed with several gardens and botanical houses which are again one of the features that Delhi is famous for. The Garden of Five senses, the Lodi Gardens, the Buddha Jayanti Park and Nehru Park are some of these gardens which have made Delhi famous among nature lovers.

      Which month is coldest in Delhi? ›

      Delhi's has an extreme climate. It is very hot in summer (April - July) and cold in winter (December - January).

      Which is the hottest month in Delhi? ›

      May is Delhi's hottest month during which temperatures may reach 45 °C (113 °F) or higher. This month is characterized by frequent thunderstorms.

      Which month is rainy in Delhi? ›

      The cold season starts from December and extends up to end of February. This is followed by the hot weather season which lasts till about end of June when monsoon arrives over the region. The monsoon continues till the third week of September.

      How much cash should I bring to India? ›

      Visitors can bring up to US$5,000 or its equivalent in another currency in coins and notes, or US$10,000 or its equivalent in another currency in coins, notes and traveler's checks to enter India without needing to declare it. Declaration is required if the amount is higher.

      How much cash can I carry in Delhi? ›

      may bring into India currency notes up to an amount not exceeding Rs. 25,000 per person *

      How much does dinner cost in India? ›

      INR 250-400 (3-6 USD/ EUR) per meal, per person. This price would not include alcohol. If you plan to go to fine dining restaurants, eat at five-star hotels with a great view then a meal can cost anywhere between INR 1,000-2,500 (12-35 USD/EUR) per meal, per person.

      Can we go Delhi to USA Road? ›

      Trans Siberian highway is the world's longest highway stretching over 20,000 km. To reach the United States, one needs to cover a long journey beginning from Delhi to Nepal, Tibet, China, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan, and reach this highway.

      Which is best train to travel Delhi? ›

      • 12951 Mumbai Central New Delhi Rajdhani Express. ...
      • 12953 August Kranti Rajdhani Express. ...
      • 22209 Mumbai Central - New Delhi AC Duronto Express. ...
      • 09003 Bandra Terminus - Hazrat Nizamuddin Rajdhani Special. ...
      • 12909 Mumbai Bandra Terminus - NZM Garib Rath. ...
      • 12925 Paschim Express Deluxe Super Fast.

      Which transport is cheaper in Delhi? ›

      Auto Rickshaw

      Cheaper than taxis, auto rickshaws are a quick and cheap alternative to get around the city. Auto rickshaws, or autos, as they are popularly known, are supposed to charge Rs. 25 for the first kilometer and Rs. 8 thereafter.

      Is food costly in Delhi? ›

      Normal expenditure for groceries and other household stuff for a family in Delhi can be around Rs. 3000-5000 whereas the same for a bachelor can be around Rs. 2000-3000.

      Can I survive in Delhi with 25k salary? ›

      Your lifestyle and preferences will determine the cost of living. To live comfortably in Delhi, you need a salary between Rs 30,000 and 50,000.

      What is the cost of living in Delhi 2023? ›

      In Delhi, the cost of living for a family of three can range from Rs 70,000 to Rs 75,000 per month.

      How far is Taj Mahal from Delhi? ›

      If you're traveling by land, it's important to know the distance from New Delhi to Taj Mahal. Your trip will be a total of 53 miles (84 km). The flying distance is 53 miles (84 km).

      How much is Delhi and Agra tour by cab? ›

      For a one-way trip, the Delhi to Agra taxi fare starts from INR 2221.

      How much tourist bus cost from Delhi to Agra? ›

      Delhi to Agra 1 Day Tour Bus Ticket Price

      The Delhi to Agra 1 Day Tour bus tickets fare starts from INR 626 per head and can go as high as INR 1500 per head. The ticket price depends on various factors such as your travel needs and bus availability.

      Which is the No 1 tourist destination in India? ›

      1. Delhi. One of the historic spots in India, Delhi is home to some of the spectacular scenes. This the capital city of India and the most visited by tourist as it is the first destination which tourists visit ever.

      Why is Chandni Chowk famous? ›

      Located in Old Delhi and built in the 17th century by Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan, Chandni Chowk is still steeped in history and is home to many iconic historic monuments such as the Red Fort, the Jama Masjid, Lal Jain Mandir and the Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib.

      Why is Hauz Khas famous? ›

      Well known in medieval times, the Hauz Khas village has amazing buildings built around the reservoir. There are remnants of Islamic architecture roughly colored by splotches of urban culture. It is centrally located and offers both rural Hauz Khas Village and urban Hauz Khas Enclave, Market environments.

      What are some important places of Delhi? ›

      Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Hauz Khas Fort, Humayun's Tomb, Rashtrapati Bhawan, Jantar Mantar, Akshardham Temple, Lotus Temple, Lodhi Gardens, Agrasen ki Baoli, Purana Quila, Tughlaqabad Fort, Mehrauli Archaeological Park, Jahanpanah Fort, Jama Masjid, Safdarjung Tomb and many more.

      What is Delhi mainly famous for? ›

      Delhi, the capital city of India, has gained immense popularity among tourists and people across the globe. Along with its rich culture and history, the city is well-known for authentic food and fashion. Moreover, it is the political hub of India, which is one of the main reasons behind its global popularity.

      For which Delhi is famous for? ›

      New Delhi is best known as the location of India's national government. New Delhi has great historical significance as it was home to powerful people, such as the Pāṇḍavas and the Mughals. The city has many historical monuments and tourist attractions as well as lively marketplaces and great food, such as chaat.

      What are 3 good things about Delhi? ›

      Delhi is even popular for its great museums like National Museum, Philatelic Museum, Indian Air force Museum, Shankar's International Dolls Museum, National Science Centre, Nehru Planetarium, Kiran Nadar Museum of Heart, National Rail Museum, Tibet House, Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum, National Handlooms and ...

      Which place is best to live in Delhi? ›

      To help you out, here's a list of the Top 15 areas in Delhi that you can consider living in.
      • Vasant Kunj.
      • Lajpat Nagar.
      • Nehru Place.
      • Mayur Vihar.
      • Karol Bagh.
      • Dwarka.
      • South Extension (South Ex)
      • Greater Kailash.
      Oct 27, 2020

      Is Delhi famous for its food? ›

      Delhi has no specific food culture. Food culture in Delhi is a mixture of North Indian food, Mughlai Cuisines, Punjabi food and mouth watering street food.

      Which sweet is famous in Delhi? ›

      Delhi Sweets You Should Not Miss
      • Kulfi. Delhi Sweets. ...
      • Gulab Jamun. You must have heard about Gulab Jamun or even has quite a few, and Delhi has ample shops that serve delicious soft Gulab Jamun but nothing beats the one Pindi Gulab Jamun serves.
      • Rasmalai. ...
      • Raj Bhog. ...
      • Ghevar. ...
      • Imarti. ...
      • Balushahi. ...
      • Malpua.

      Which is the coldest month in Delhi? ›

      It is very hot in summer (April - July) and cold in winter (December - January). The average temperature can vary from 25oC to 45oC during the summer and 22oC to 5oC during the winter.

      Why should I visit Delhi? ›

      Over the years, Delhi has seen many architectural wonders such as Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Isa Khan's Tomb, Jama Masjid, Lutyens Delhi and so many others. Exploring, discovering all of these tourist attractions make Delhi a very amazing tourist attraction to explore.

      Why do people love Delhi? ›

      3. A Piece of History. Again, Delhi is and was the capital of India, which also means that it was the hub of architecture and constructions, regardless of whether it was the Mughal era or the British era. As a result, you will never run out of places to see and visit in Delhi.


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