45 School Spirit Day Ideas Kids of All Ages Will Love! (2023)

45 School Spirit Day Ideas Kids of All Ages Will Love! (1)

School Spirit Daysorschool dress up daysalways fun for kids! The theme for the day is set, word gets around, and the kids start getting ready for the special day when they arrive at school dressed up and spend the rest of the day giggling at each other's outfits .

Sometimes schools get into a kind of rut and do the same Dress Day themes year after year. It's going to be a bit tiring for the kids, the parents and the teachers. Maybe that's why you stopped by... you're looking for something new for your school to try to get the excitement going!

What follows are45 ideas for school spirit day- best for kids from preschool through high school!

Hope you find ghost week dress up ideas that are just right for you and your school! Enjoy browsing! Do me a favor after you're done and let me know which ones you're interested in in the comments below... I'd love to hear which ones get chosen!!

45 Ideas for Dress Up Days / School Spirit Days

  1. 100 Take:Students dress up as if they were 100 years old. Hilarious!
  2. Superhero Day (or Superhero vs. Villain):Dress up as your favorite superhero or villain
  3. Gemini Day / Multiplicity Day:Children try to dress up as identically as possible with 1 or more friends
  4. Funky-Hair-Day:Go crazy with paint, gel, wires, ribbons, etc. here.
  5. Crazy Hat and Socks Day:The braver, the crazier, the better!
  6. Ugly shirt and tie/ugly sweater day:The uglier, the more old-fashioned, the better!
  7. Western day:Cowboys or cowgirls are always fun characters to dress up as, for kids!
  8. Book Character Dress Up Day / World Book Day / Storybook Character:There are so many BIG onesCostumes for book characters– and these theme days are a great way to encourage a love of books!
  9. Medieval day:Encourage children to come dressed as lords and ladies, knights, serfs, medieval princesses, etc.
  10. Ancient Culture Day:Choose an ancient civilization like Rome, Greece or Egypt as the theme for the costume dress up!
  11. Roald-Dahl-Tag / Dahlicious-Tag:There are so many amazing Roald Dahl stories to inspire amazing character costumes!Charlie & die Schokoladenfabrik, The BFG, The Twits, James & The Giant Peach,and more!
  12. Dr. Seuss-Tag:Weird and wacky costumes, characters like "The Cat in the Hat" and more... "Oh the places you'll go" will be fun with this themed tag! See:12 Easy DIY Dr. Seuss costumes for children
  13. 45 School Spirit Day Ideas Kids of All Ages Will Love! (2)
    Karriere Dress Up:What will you be when you grow up? Let the kids come dressed in a career "costume" that interests them! Here are a few ideas:Inspirational career day costumes for girls/When I grow up, boys costumes
  14. reverse tag:Kids will have a hoot if they wear their clothes inside out today!
  15. Halloween:Students can wear their Halloween costumes to school! Make sure there's a fun parade to show off their glory!(You might want to set some rules about what is and isn't acceptable...there's a lot of "death culture" and/or very gory costumes for sale these days that can be extremely scary for little ones and just aren't appropriate for school in my opinion are.)
  16. Black and White Tag:This one is visually interesting for everyone if it is really done right! Especially at a school assembly!
  17. Patriotic Day:Children may wear the colors of their flag (e.g., for US children, wear only red, white, and blue). You can use face paint, wrap yourself in flags, etc.
  18. Formal Day:High school kids in particular will love this...but many kids love the opportunity to show off their splendor!
  19. Valentine's Day:Wear red, pink or white... and the more hearts the merrier!
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  20. Pajama Day:Children come in their pajamas, slippers and hug their favorite stuffed animal!
  21. Jersey day / sports day:Kids can wear their favorite team's colors or jerseys, hats and face paint.
  22. Inside-Out-Tag:Why not have fun with clothes by intentionally wearing them inside out? Especially small children will find the CAUSE.
  23. Bring-A-Toy-To-School-Day:Celebrate the joy of play by asking children to bring their favorite toy or game to school. Make time for children to invite each other to play with them and their toys!
  24. Duo Tag:Each pair recreates a famous duo with their costumes (Mary & Joseph, Romeo & Juliet, Batman & Robin, Milk & Cookies, Mario & Luigi, Salt & Pepper...etc.)
  25. MadScientist Day:Kids can dress up like a mad scientist who just blew something up! White lab shirts, green slime, spiky/crazy hair, big goggles... these can be fun!
  26. Letter theme day:If there is a special letter for the school or class, the children have to dress up in some way related to that letter. For example: "R" tag. Children can wear red, be covered in roses, wear many rings...etc. It can be simple or complex!
  27. Dress like a pirate day:Arrggh… and talk like one too! Look at these greatPirate costumes for children
  28. Star Wars Appreciation Day:Star Wars is FULL of crazy characters. A room full of Darth Vaders, stormtroopers and jedi warriors could be hilarious! See:The ultimate Star Wars dress up collection for kids
  29. Masquerade / Hidden Identity Day:With masks, face paint, etc., kids need to somehow mask their own identities for this dress up day!
  30. St. Patrick’s Day:School could be full of greenery, leprechauns and shamrocks! Here are someSt. Patrick Day costume ideas for kids that you can make yourself
  31. Animal Day:Children can come dressed as their favorite animal (or an animal costume they happen to already have at home). It's pretty easy for parents to make some kind of hat/headband so this one is a pretty good one.
  32. Dress Up Bible Character:School will be full of robes, sandals, beards, etc!
  33. Mythical Creatures / Mythical Creatures Theme Day:There are many fabulous mythical creatures that children can choose for their dress up costume... Santa, Tooth Fairy, Bigfoot, Unicorns, etc.
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  34. sample day:An easy one for organisation, an easy one for parents as you can make something yourself pretty easily if there isn't already something in this pattern in your child's closet. ThinkPlaid Day, Stripes Day, Polka Dot Day, etc…)
  35. Touristentag:Kids can wear cargo pants, sun hats, floral shirts, a camera or binoculars around their necks, etc.
  36. Throwback Day / Decade Dress Up Day:Choose a decade known for its particular style (50's, 70's, 90's...) for the Dress Up theme.
  37. Day of the emergency services:Small children in particular will love this one. And will probably already have a costume at home. Fireman, Police Officer, Paramedic!
  38. Culture Day:Children can either dress in clothing from a chosen culture or from their own home culture.
  39. Dress up like a famous person Tag:Kids have to dress up as a famous person (real...from history or the present). You should know something about this person to share with the class.
  40. Tag of sunglasses:Little kids love wearing sunglasses - create a day when they can bring theirs to school and show them off!

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  41. Mismatched Shoes Tag:Little kids will enjoy wearing two different shoes to school!
  42. Hawaiian Day:Dress up in flower leis, grass skirts (easy to make out of garbage bags!), floral or colorful shirts and sandals!
  43. Comfortable Clothes / Street Dress Day:Many older children will love this model when their school wears uniforms. You can raise a donation for a special cause to be able to participate... just an idea!
  44. Pioneer Day:Children will have fun dressing up "like in the old days", with suspenders, plaid or cotton shirts, straw hats, aprons, bonnets, kerchiefs!
  45. Royal Day:This one is SO much fun for a lot of little girls, especially when they can carry theirsprincess dressesto school! Girls dress up as princesses, queens and the like… Boys dress up as princes, kings, knights, lords etc.

45 School Spirit Day Ideas Kids of All Ages Will Love! (6)And there you have it! 45 School Spirit Day ideas for you and your school to have fun dress up days this year! Which are YOUR favourites? How did your school express itself?school spirit?Has your school ever done any of this? how did they go Please share in the comments below!




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