Best full fledged Pokemon trainer cards to collect (2023)

There are many different types of Pokemon Trainer cards, but the best type is probably the Full Art Trainer card. These cards are large and have beautiful artwork that really stands out. They're also fairly rare, so they can be very valuable to collectors. Full art trainer cards typically feature trainers with their Pokémon, and often depict scenes of them fighting or training together.

Why are full-type Pokemon trainer cards necessary?

There are a few reasons many players feel the need for full-fledged Pokémon trainer cards. First, they tend to be a lot more visually appealing than regular cards. This can make it easier to stay focused and motivated when playing the game. In addition, full-art cards often have unique abilities or effects that can give you an advantage in battle. After all, a complete set of these cards can be very impressive and even intimidate opponents. Ultimately, each player must decide for themselves whether they think full art cards are worth the investment.

Our top picks for the best full-type Pokemon trainer cards

Guide to the best full-art Pokemon trainer cards

Pokémon Celebrations Professor’s Research Card, 25th Anniversary, Ultra Rare Full Art + Surprise Card!

Best full fledged Pokemon trainer cards to collect (6)

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Who doesn't love Pokemon? The lovable Pikachu, the powerful Charizard, the ever-reliable Squirtle... they are all iconic creatures that have captured the hearts of children and adults alike for generations. And what better way to celebrate the franchise's 25th anniversary than with a special edition Professor's Research card?

This ultra-rare, full-art card features the original 151 Pokémon plus a special surprise card that will delight fans of all ages. Whether you're a longtime fan or just getting into the Pokémon craze, this is the perfect way to show your excitement for the series' milestone anniversary. So don't wait - grab this card before it's gone!

Frequently asked questions about Pokémon Celebrations Professor's Research Card, 25th Anniversary, Ultra Rare Full Art + Surprise Card!

• What is the name of the Pokémon on this card?

• What type of Pokémon is Pikachu?
Electric guy

• What is the name of the event this card celebrates?
The 25th Pokemon Anniversary

• What is the name of the professor on this card?
Professor Willow

Why we like it

• • 1. A card every Pokémon fan must have! • 2. Ultra Rare Full Screen Card! • 3. Perfect for any collection! • 4. A great gift for any occasion! • 5. A must have for any Ultra Rare full arts card collector!

Milo 190/192 – Ultra Rare – Full Art Trainer – Pokemon Sword and Shield Rebel Clash

Best full fledged Pokemon trainer cards to collect (7)

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Milo 190/192 from the Sword and Shield Rebel Clash expansion is an Ultra Rare Full Art Trainer Card. This card features the new Galar Pokémon, Milo, and its evolution, Milotic. Milo 190/192 is a must have for any serious Pokémon player!

Frequently asked questions about Milo 190/192 - Ultra Rare - Full Art Trainer - Pokemon Sword and Shield Rebel Clash

• What are the card stats for Milo 190/192 - Ultra Rare - Full Art Trainer - Pokemon Sword and Shield Rebel Clash?

HP: 70 Attack: 115 Defense: 70 Special Attack: 145 Special Defense: 70 Speed: 130

• What type of card is Milo 190/192 - Ultra Rare - Full Art Trainer - Pokemon Sword and Shield Rebel Clash?


• What is the rarity of Milo 190/192 - Ultra Rare - Full Art Trainer - Pokemon Sword and Shield Rebel Clash?

Very rare

• What set is Milo 190/192 - Ultra Rare - Full Art Trainer - Pokemon Sword and Shield Rebel Clash from?

rebel fight

• Was macht Milo 190/192 – Ultra Rare – Full Art Trainer – Pokemon Sword and Shield Rebel Clash?

This card allows you to search your deck for up to 5 cards and put them into your hand.

Why we like it

1. Milo is an Ultra Rare Trainer card from the Rebel Clash set in Pokemon Sword and Shield.
2. Full Art Trainer Cards are some of the most coveted cards in the Pokemon TCG.
3. Milo can search your deck for up to 2 Energy cards and attach them to your Pokémon.
4. Milo can be used to search your deck for up to 2 basic Energy cards.
5. Milo's card text reads "You may only play 1 supporter card during your turn (before your attack)."

Pokemon – Professor Kukui – 148/149 – Full Art Ultra Rare

Best full fledged Pokemon trainer cards to collect (8)

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As the Pokemon Sun & Moon professor, Kukui is responsible for studying the light that pervades the Alola region. He's also something of an enigma, as it's unclear how old he is or where he's from. Despite this, he is a friendly and supportive character who always cheers on his students in their fights.

Kukui's Full Art card features him in his signature outfit, a Hawaiian shirt and straw hat. The map itself is incredibly colorful to match the island setting of the Sun & Moon games. The artwork is also unique in that it features several small Pokémon such as Pikachu, Litten, and Popplio peeking out from behind Kukui.

This card is a must have for any fan of the Pokemon Sun & Moon games and is sure to be a hit with collectors too.

Pokemon FAQ - Professor Kukui - 148/149 - Full Art Ultra Rare

• Who is Professor Kukui?
A professor who is an expert on Pokémon and loves studying them.

• Why is Professor Kukui a Full Art Ultra Rare card?

Because he is a very important character in the Pokemon universe and is very respected by many.

Why we like it

1. A must have for every Pokemon fan!
2. The whole art design is just beautiful.
3. Highly collectible and valuable.
4. A must have for any Full Art Ultra Rare collector.
5. A stunning addition to any Pokemon collection.

Team Skull Grunt – 149/149 – Full Art Ultra Rare

Best full fledged Pokemon trainer cards to collect (9)

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Team Skull Grunt is a full-screen ultra-rare card from the Pokémon Trading Card Game. The card features a Team Skull member in his signature black uniform with a skull and crossbones emblem. This map was released as part of the Team Up expansion.

Team Skull Grunt is a great addition to any gamer's collection. The card is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also has a high rarity value. The value of the card will only continue to increase as more and more players get their hands on it.

Team Skull Grunt FAQ - 149/149 - Full Art Ultra Rare

• What do Team Skull Grunts do?
Team Skull Grunts are subordinates of Team Skull who carry out the team's orders. They are often tasked with causing trouble and chaos.

• What is Team Skull's mission?
Team Skull's mission is to wreak havoc and disturb the peace. They often target public places, trying to cause as much damage as possible.

• Who runs Team Skull?
Guzma leads Team Skull. He is a strong and vicious leader who does not tolerate failure.

• How many members does Team Skull have?
There are numerous grunts in Team Skull, but the exact number is unknown.

• What are the symbols of Team Skull?
Team Skull's symbols are a skull and crossbones. They can often be seen on their clothing and graffiti.

Why we like it

• 1. A full-art ultra-rare card from the Team Skull Grunt collection. • 2. A must have for any Team Skull fan or player. • 3. A powerful card that allows you to defeat your opponents. • 4. A unique and stylish card that will make your collection stand out. • 5. A rare card that is sure to increase in value over time.

Pokemon – Plumeria – 145/147 – Full Art Ultra Rare

Best full fledged Pokemon trainer cards to collect (10)

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When it comes to Pokémon, there are few creatures more iconic than Pikachu. But Pikachu isn't the only Electabuzz worth catching in the Pokémon world. Another Mouse Electric Pokémon that's sure to win your heart is Plumeria, the 145th Pokémon in the National Pokédex.

This pocket monster is notable for being one of the few Pokémon that is both part flying and part electric. This means that Plumeria is not only resistant to Electric-type attacks, but can also deal additional damage to Grass-types with her Fly-type attacks.

Plumeria is also unique among Electro-types in that it can learn the aromatherapy movement. This move can heal all statuses of all friendly Pokemon in battle, making them a valuable asset on any team.

So if you're looking for an Electric Mouse Pokémon that's sure to shock and delight, then be sure to add Plumeria to your team.

Common Questions About Pokémon - Plumeria - 145/147 - Full Art Ultra Rare

• What is the name of the Pokemon that uses Plumeria?


• What is this made of?


• How is this developing?


• What type of Pokémon is Plumeria?


• What is the Pokedex number for Plumeria?


Why we like it

1. Plumeria is a full art ultra rare Pokemon card that is highly collectible.

2. This card features beautiful artwork of the character Plumeria in her Alola form.

3. The card is printed on high-quality card stock, making it a valuable addition to any Pokemon card collection.

4. Plumeria is a powerful Pokémon with a versatile moveset that can hold its own against most opponents.

5. This rare card is sure to be a hit with any Pokemon fan and would make a great addition to any collection.

Benefits of Full Art Pokemon Trainer Cards

There are many reasons to get excited about the new best full-type Pokémon trainer cards released as part of the recent Sun & Moon expansion. First and foremost, these cards are absolutely gorgeous. Each card features beautiful illustrations that really bring the Pokemon world to life.

But beyond their looks, these new Trainer cards also offer some great gameplay benefits. For one, they give a much-needed boost to trainer deck consistency. In previous formats, it was often difficult to find enough space in a deck for all the useful trainers you wanted to include. But since the best full-fledged Pokémon Trainer cards take up less space on your Bench, it's now possible to house more powerful tools and supports than ever before!

Another great benefit of the best full-type Pokémon trainer cards is that they provide an alternate win condition for decks that are having trouble dealing with opposing EX/GX Pokémon. With so many ways to deal extra damage to your opponent's Active Pokemon (via Professor Kukui or Guzma), it's now possible for non-EX/GX decks to end games by taking seven Prize cards instead of six!

All in all, there's a lot Dragon Energy decks can love about Best Friend Perredonkadonks cards, not just because energy all look great - but everything else useful as well.

Buying guide for the best full-art Pokemon trainer cards

When it comes to Full Art Pokemon Trainer cards, there are a few things to consider before making your purchase. First look at the artwork on the card and decide if you like it. Each card has unique artwork, so you'll want to make sure you pick a card with artwork that speaks to you. Next, consider the power level of the trainer card. Some cards are stronger than others. So if you're looking for a competitive edge, go for a trainer card with higher stats. Finally, read the trainer card reviews before you buy them to get an idea of ​​which ones are well made and worth your money.

Frequently Asked Question

What are the best full-type Pokémon trainer cards?

Some of the most popular full-screen trainer cards are the Elite Trainer Box Sets, which contain full-screen versions of popular cards like Professor Sycamore, N, and Giovanni. Other popular full-fledged Trainer cards include the Pokémon Center Lady, Pokémon Fan Club, and Pokémon Breeder cards.

What are the benefits of a full art Pokemon trainer card?

Some advantages of a full-fledged Pokémon trainer card are: 1. They are visually appealing and can make your deck stand out. 2. They can be valuable collectibles, especially when they're rare or hard to find. 3. They can be fun to customize by adding your own personal touch to them. 4. They can help make your deck more powerful, as some full-art trainer cards have special abilities that can give you an edge in battle.

How do I get a full species Pokémon trainer card?

There's no surefire way to acquire a full-fledged Pokémon trainer card, but the best way to try is to trade with other players or buy booster packs and hope for the best.

What is the value of a full-fledged Pokémon trainer card?

A full art Pokémon trainer card is worth around $20.

How are full-type Pokémon trainer cards different from other Pokémon trainer cards?

The main difference between full art trainer cards and regular trainer cards is the artwork. Full-screen trainer cards have larger, more detailed graphics than regular trainer cards. Additionally, full art trainer cards are typically rarer than regular trainer cards, and therefore more valuable.


They have the best product and the best prices.


Are Pokemon trainer cards worth collecting? ›

1 Trainer promo cards are almost always valuable, thanks to them only being printed in limited quantities and being awarded to finalists in World Championships.

What are the best Pokémon cards to collect right now? ›

Fusion Strike, Evolving Skies, and Chilling Reign were released in 2021 during the massive resurgence in Pokemon TCG collecting, and some of the chase cards in these sets are the best as seen in our “Best Pokemon cards of all time” guide. These are arguably the best Pokemon card packs if you can still find them.

What is the rarest Pokémon Trainer card? ›

As of August 2022, the most expensive Pokémon card is a Professional Sports Authenticator grade 10 Pikachu Illustrator card that social media personality and boxer Logan Paul purchased for $5.275 million, according to Guinness World Records. A PSA grade of 10 means the card was in perfect condition.

How many No 1 trainer cards are there? ›

The 2012 Pokémon World Championships Promo World Championships No. 1 Trainer - to give the card its exhaustive full name - is just one of three in existence, and the first to have its condition formally graded by card condition specialist PSA.

How much is the No 1 trainer card worth? ›

1 Trainer” Trainer Promo Holo — $90,000. Are you sensing a theme yet? The Super Secret Battle trainer card served as a reward to a lucky group of players invited to the “Super Secret Battle” in 1999.

Who is the number 1 Pokemon trainer? ›

1 Ash Ketchum

He's done it. After a contentious Masters Eight Tournament, Ash Ketchum has faced the strongest Champions the Pokemon world has to offer and won. He's officially recognized as the very best Trainer alive.

How do I know if my trainer card is rare? ›

The black symbol in the bottom corner of a Pokemon card denotes its rarity: a circle is common, a diamond is uncommon, and a star is rare.

What are the most valuable Pokemon Trainer cards 2022? ›

Small wonder Pikachu VMAX was the most expensive Trainer Gallery card of 2022, and the only Trainer Gallery card to make this list.

Will Pokémon cards go up in value in 10 years? ›

True collectibles are guaranteed to increase in value

Pokémon cards are collectibles, and many sets went out of print years ago. The inherently limited supply of each card type means that as time goes on and cards become more difficult to obtain, the value will steadily increase.

What Pokémon cards are collectors looking for? ›

Some of the most common sets ever produced include Neo-Genesis, Aquapolis, and Sky Ridge. The most valuable cards are mainly from the 1999 1st edition base set, outside of the extremely rare promo and trophy cards. For more detailed information on every Pokémon trading card game set ever created, check out Bulbapedia.

What trading cards are worth collecting? ›

What are the best Sports Cards to invest in 2022?
  • Mickey Mantle cards. Chart tracking price of assets similar to SGC 7 1952 Topps #311 Mickey Mantle card. ...
  • Honus Wagner cards. Chart tracking price of assets similar to Authentic Honus Wagner T206 card. ...
  • Luka Dončić rookie cards. ...
  • Mike Trout cards. ...
  • Ronald Acuna Jr.

What is the least printed Pokemon? ›

The 10 Pokemon With The Fewest Cards
  1. 1 Mantyke (Diamond & Pearl Era) Even in its debut, Mantyke was... not a good card.
  2. 2 Bonsly (Diamond & Pearl Era) ...
  3. 3 Budew (Diamond & Pearl Era) ...
  4. 4 Tyrunt (X & Y Era) ...
  5. 5 Amaura (X & Y Era) ...
  6. 6 Nihilego (Sun & Moon Era) ...
  7. 7 Stakataka (Sun & Moon Era) ...
  8. 8 Minior (Sun & Moon Era) ...
Oct 27, 2022

Who are the top 8 master trainers Pokemon? ›

10 Pokémon Trainers Strong Enough For The Masters Eight
  • 5 Gladion Has An Affinity For Unique Powerhouses.
  • 6 Tobias Is Inexplicably Overpowered. ...
  • 7 Wallace Can Hold His Own Against Steven Stone. ...
  • 8 Alder Is The Former Unova Champion. ...
  • 9 Raihan Can Challenge The Unbeatable Leon. ...
  • 10 Flint Is The Anime's Strongest Elite Four Member. ...
Nov 16, 2022

How many 1999 Charizards were printed? ›

The 1999 1st Edition Holographic Charizard card is recognized as the “holy grail” of the entire Pokémon trading card game, and seen as one of the most iconic non-sports cards. The first edition set was released in limited quantity with 102 cards total, 16 of them being the rarer, coveted holographic cards.

What is the rarest Charizard? ›

2 Shining Charizard ~ Neo Destiny - $1,399.00

Out of all of the shining Pokemon cards, Charizard is by far the most valuable. A first-edition version of the card in mint condition has even sold for $15,500! While most may not have it in such a pristine edition, even its average sale price is nothing to sneeze at.

Do Trainer cards get discarded? ›

Pokémon cards, Evolution cards, and Energy cards will be on the table—“in play”—after you play them from your hand. You can keep using those cards in play turn after turn. Trainer cards, though, are used once and then put in the discard pile. How Do You Get Started?

Who is the 2nd strongest Pokémon trainer? ›

#2 - Cynthia

Being ranked number two in the World Coronation Series means that Cynthia is likely the second most powerful Pokemon Trainer at present. She's the champion of the Sinnoh region, with the following Pokemon in her possession: Garchomp. Gastrodon.

Who is the weakest Pokémon trainer? ›

#1 - Falkner's Pidgey

Falkner may be the easiest Gym Leader to defeat in all of Pokemon. His two Pokemon are extremely underleveled. Pidgey, the first Pokemon he sends out, is only level 7.

Why is Ash still 10? ›

Why does Ash stay 10 years old? According to the eternal youth theory, like in many cartoons, the characters never age and are trapped at the age of their first appearance. This also suggests that the show has a floating timeline. This is the explanation given in the Poké mailbag for why Ash is still ten.

Are Pokémon cards a good investment? ›

Most Pokémon cards aren't very valuable and don't make for great investments.

How many Trainer cards should be in a deck? ›

Many decks stick with roughly 20 Pokémon, 25 trainers, and around 15 energies for a good mix, although it often depends on the type of deck you're playing. You may want to put in more energies than this, because shuffles can yield uneven hands with Pokémon to Energy ratios.

How can you tell if a trainer is a first edition? ›

Identifying first editions of Pokémon Base Set cards

On Trainer cards, it is in the bottom left corner. The symbol is the number “1” on a solid black circle with the word “EDITION” in all capital letters arching around the top of the circle.

How can you tell if a Pokémon card is rare 2022? ›

A circle on the lower right corner means it's a Common card, a diamond means it's an Uncommon card, a star means it's a rare card, and a star with the word “Promo” on top means it's a special promotional card.

What is the 10 rarest Pokémon card? ›

The top 15 most expensive and rare Pokémon cards
  • 1999 Pokemon Base Set Shadowless 1st Edition Holo Blastoise. ...
  • 1999 Pokemon Base Set Shadowless 1st Edition Holo Thick Stamp Chansey. ...
  • 2005 Pokemon EX Deoxys Gold Star Holo Rayquaza. ...
  • 2010 Pokemon Japanese Design Promo 4th Grade Winner Illusion's Zoroark.
Feb 2, 2023

What Pokemon cards sell $900000? ›

A near-mint condition vintage gaming card was sold for $900,000. The Pocket Monsters Japanese promo “Illustrator” holographic Pikachu card was created in 1998 and was only released in Japan.

Do Pokemon cards ever lose value? ›

Pokémon cards only hold their value if they remain in 100% pristine condition. If a PSA 10 Charizard drops to PSA 9 while it's in your possession, it loses 80% of its value.

Is it worth opening Pokemon packs? ›

Opening packs from the same box makes it more likely to get a variety of cards. Out of your 36 rares, it is normal to get at least 20 different rare cards in an individual box. You are also likely to end up with 1-2 of every uncommon card and 2-3 of most common cards in the set!

What should I look for when buying old Pokémon cards? ›

At the very bottom of every Pokémon card is its edition and print date. In most instances, the earlier the edition, the more the card is worth. In fact, first edition cards (identifiable by the 1 inside a black circle on the bottom left of the artwork) are often considered the Holy Grail.

What is the most sought after card? ›

This is a list of the highest known prices paid for sports cards. The current record price is the US$12.6 million paid for a 1952 Mickey Mantle baseball card (Topps; #311) on August 28, 2022, breaking all previous records.

What current Pokémon packs to buy? ›

What Are The Best Pokemon Booster Boxes & ETBs to Buy in 2022?
  • 2022 Charizard Ultra Premium Collection Box. ...
  • 2022 Pokemon GO Set. ...
  • Pokemon Celebrations 25th Anniversary Set. ...
  • 1999 Pokemon Base Set Booster Box. ...
  • 2019 Sun & Moon Hidden Fates Elite Trainer Boxes. ...
  • 2016 XY Evolutions Booster Boxes.
Oct 29, 2022

What's more rare Vmax or GX? ›

While VMAX cards are usually rarer and worth more than Pokémon V cards, both are necessary for playing the Pokémon TCG. However, collectors may only be interested in VMAX, since these cards are harder to obtain and thus more valuable.

What is the lamest Pokemon card? ›

Voltorb (Vending)

A version of a Voltorb card that was only available through a vending machine in Japan has become infamous for all the wrong reasons, specifically for the character looking like Meatwad, the animated ball of meat that is a member of Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

What Pokémon cards should I buy to resell? ›

With 1999-2000 Pokémon cards, the long term investing would be towards Mint raw cards and Near Mint graded cards. Graded cards have been on a blistering pace the last 12 months. Lower grades of the most expensive cards or PSA 8 and up for the rest of the 1999-2000 cards are great long-term investments.

What is the 3 rarest Pokémon? ›

Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf are the Lake Guardians of the Sinnoh and, despite being the only legendary Pokémon to appear in the wild outside of events and Daily Adventure Incense, they're three of the rarest Pokémon in the game.

What is the hardest Pokémon card to collect? ›

The answer to "What's the rarest Pokémon card of all time?" With only seven copies believed to be in existence, the Super Secret Battle No. 1 Trainer is easily one of the rarest Pokémon cards ever made.

What is the point of trainer cards? ›

Trainer cards

These are cards you use for the items, supporters and stadiums you can use during a battle. Any special rules on these cards are indicated at the bottom.

Why do trainers only carry six Pokemon? ›

However, Trainers are still limited to a maximum of six Pokémon for official battles, such as in the Pokémon League. In A Flaaffy Kerfuffle, Professor Oak explained that the Pokémon Association determined six to be the ideal maximum at which a Trainer could give all Pokémon on hand sufficient care and attention.

How many Trainer cards are allowed in a deck? ›

Before you begin, it's important to note that each deck must contain exactly 60 cards—with at least one Basic Pokémon—and cannot contain more than four copies of any card (except basic Energy).


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