Famous Celebrities You Didn't Know Wear Dentures (2023) (2023)

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Famous people with false teeth are a living example of how a little work on your teeth can completely transform your appearance. Beauty experts say that a person's hair and teeth largely determine their beauty. Perhaps that's why there's no shortage of celebrities with dentures.

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Young celebs wearing dentures show off their flawless smiles at premieres and awards ceremonies.

You may never know if aMovie star shows a veneer accessoriesor a stuck smile on the red carpet at the Golden Globe Awards. Because most of the time we can't identify a celebrity before and after dentures; Well, that's the real beauty of it.

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Which celebrities wear dentures or false teeth?

Let's get to the long list of movie stars with fake teeth. We have compiled two separate lists based on the classification of dentures.

Celebrities with full dentures

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It's no secret that many celebrities have tried to hide their age with the help of cosmetic surgery and other procedures. But did you know that some of them have also resorted to false teeth to keep up appearances? Whether due to genetics or poor dental hygiene, many celebrities have had to have dentures or false teeth at some point in their lives. Here are just a few examples:

1. Celine Dion

When Celine Dion walked into Hollywood, she didn't have that captivating smile.

Famous Celebrities You Didn't Know Wear Dentures (2023) (1)

As a result, Celine underwent excessive dental work to aesthetically improve her smile. However, the difference is evident in their before and after pictures.

2. George Clooney

Star of the Ocean film series, formerly considered Hollywood's prettiest bachelor, also had total prosthetics made.

Famous Celebrities You Didn't Know Wear Dentures (2023) (2)

George Clooney's charming smile owes its beauty to dentures.

3. Nicole Polizzi - Snooki

Rumor has it that this American tv-personality has a haircut.

Famous Celebrities You Didn't Know Wear Dentures (2023) (3)

Snooki wears a full denture to keep her bright smile. However, her smile is undoubtedly impressive.

4. Janice Dickinson

An ideal girl for many, Janice Dickinson also comes along with celebs with full dentures.

Famous Celebrities You Didn't Know Wear Dentures (2023) (4)

This legendary model has given her an enviable place in Hollywood. Additionally, her tremendous fame can be linked to her stunning dentures.

5. Amy Winehouse

Why are singers not allowed to have prostheses? You also need to be on screen.

Well, who knew our very own Amy Winehouse has dentures?

Famous Celebrities You Didn't Know Wear Dentures (2023) (5)

The early 2000s sensation British singer-songwriter used uneven, patchy and stained teeth. Her makeover has greatly enhanced her natural beauty.

6. Ben Affleck

Before Ben Affleck got expensive porcelain veneers, he got full dentures.

Famous Celebrities You Didn't Know Wear Dentures (2023) (6)

The director of the film Armageddon asked Ben to have shiny teeth for his role.

7. Jon Bon Jovi

So now you know the secret behind Jovi's picture-perfect white teeth, which he still boasts of in old age.

Famous Celebrities You Didn't Know Wear Dentures (2023) (7)

But the most coveted secret is, of course, dentures!

8. Lou Schilf

Lou Reed makes a shocking appearance on our list of celebrities with dentures.

Famous Celebrities You Didn't Know Wear Dentures (2023) (8)

Though we like to think Lana Del Rey's hit song Brooklyn Baby mentions his honorific, it was made for his sparkling teeth.

9. Joe Biden

Though the current POTUS denies getting dentures, Biden's before and after pics tell the opposite story.

Famous Celebrities You Didn't Know Wear Dentures (2023) (9)

Rumor has it that Biden got a perfect full denture a while back. Well, he did it well, didn't he?
He became the 46th President of the USA :)

10. Jim Carrey

A broken front tooth was the reason Jim Carrey chose dental implants.

Famous Celebrities You Didn't Know Wear Dentures (2023) (10)

His beaming smile in The Mask took shape after some dental work.

11. Santa Claus cage

Nicolas Cage's teeth used to be in terrible shape.

Famous Celebrities You Didn't Know Wear Dentures (2023) (11)

They were yellow, mottled, and rough looking. So it is safe to say that getting white dentures was an excellent decision.

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12. Michael Douglas

While Catherine Zeta-Jones chose porcelain veneers, her husband Michael Douglas chose dentures.

Famous Celebrities You Didn't Know Wear Dentures (2023) (12)

That's why he still looks so young.

13. Clark Gable

Oscar winner Clark Gable has a place among actors with dentures.

Famous Celebrities You Didn't Know Wear Dentures (2023) (13)

His transformation attracted widespread publicity, taking the dental industry back to its golden age.

Stars with dentures (partly)

There is also a list of celebrities who have opted for partial dentures. Their reasons are varied.

14. Katie Holmes

Famous Celebrities You Didn't Know Wear Dentures (2023) (14)

One of the famous celebrities with dentures, this Catwoman is known for her fabulous smile. Katie Holmes' dentures complement her cute dimples.

15. Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes' ex-husband Tom Cruise needs no introduction.

Famous Celebrities You Didn't Know Wear Dentures (2023) (15)

But his prostheses do! It is said that Tom got a pair of false teeth to complete his charming smile. However, getting a perfect smile is undoubtedly not an impossible mission for Tom.

16. Emma Watson

Emma Watson, star of the Harry Potter series, got temporary dentures for her upper teeth while filming the record-breaking film.

Famous Celebrities You Didn't Know Wear Dentures (2023) (16)

She also lost her baby teeth as a young star and had dentures to keep her sweet smile.

17. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman has a lovely voice and a lovely smile.

Famous Celebrities You Didn't Know Wear Dentures (2023) (17)

We certainly consider him in the list of celebrities who wear dentures. Unfortunately, he received some dental work to get matching false teeth.

18. Gary Busey

Famous Celebrities You Didn't Know Wear Dentures (2023) (18)

After surviving a fatal accident, Gary Busey had to get dentures to replace his missing teeth.

Famous people who are missing teeth

Do you mind getting out of the list of celebrities with dentures? We bring you the names of world-famous historical figures who received dentures to improve their looks.

George Washington

Famous Celebrities You Didn't Know Wear Dentures (2023) (19)

Yes! American father George Washington used to wear dentures. However, his dentures were made of ivory and looked almost real.

Winston Churchill

Even the most famous British Prime Minister of the mid-20th century, Winston Churchill, got dentures.

Famous Celebrities You Didn't Know Wear Dentures (2023) (20)

They were custom made and fitted into his mouth with the help of wires. So that's how he got his intense stare!

Other notable figures such as Benjamin Franklin and Abraham Lincoln also had false teeth. In the early 20th century, celebrities such as Joan Crawford and Humphrey Bogart popularized dentures. Today, many modern celebrities have had to have dental work done to repair damage caused by years of smoking or drug use. While some stars are open about their dental work, others try to hide it. Mick Jagger, for example, is said to be wearing dentures but has never confirmed it. Finally, openly or not, there are many celebrities who rely on dentures or false teeth to keep their Hollywood smiles.

What are dentures and how do they work?

Dentures are artificial teeth that are used to replace missing teeth. They are also used to replace less than perfect natural teeth. In addition, they consist of an upper base that covers the roof of your mouth and a lower level that forms the lower part of your tooth bases.

types of dentures

  1. Fest
  2. Removable (remove them whenever you want)

You may want to remove them at night or when you are not used to wearing them.

Dentures can be divided into two types

  1. Conventional
  2. Immediately

Conventional dentures

These conventional dentures are fitted after tooth extraction. The surgeon will only repair them after a significant amount of time has passed since your tooth was extracted. This period can be a few weeks; However, it gives your gums enough time to heal. This healing is very crucial to a successful procedure.

immediate dentures

Immediate dentures are similar to traditional dentures in many ways. The only difference between them is that of time. While dentists put in traditional dentures after allowing the gums some time to heal, immediate dentures can be fitted without waiting.

However, this can come at a cost, so we mostly find rich famous people or celebrities with dentures. Because your gums tend to shrink during the healing process, you may find immediate dentures uncomfortable later on.

Another way to categorize dentures is to consider the size and volume of dentures in your mouth. This classification also divides dentures into two types:

  1. full dentures
  2. partial dentures

As the name suggests, full dentures cover all of your teeth, while partial dentures, like a crown, are only worn over specific teeth that need aesthetic attachment.

Five reasons why you should choose dentures

  1. Dentures give you a perfect and flawless smile.
  2. They will bless you with sparkling teeth that can dazzle anyone.
  3. In addition, dentures boost your self-confidence.
  4. Dentures fix discoloration and chipping of the teeth.
  5. They are easy to clean and handle.

Things to consider before getting dentures

Dentures require the removal of your teeth. If you don't want to lose your natural teeth, it's better to avoid dentures.

In addition, dentures take time to settle in. You may feel uncomfortable at first. Feelings like a stuffy mouth and reduced tongue space are normal.


Famous people and celebrities with dentures can help you decide about your problems. You can adjust your expectations of the results by looking at Hollywood dentures. So if you ever feel insecure about your teeth, remember that even celebrities struggle with the same issues!

As you can see, dentures are not just for old people! Many of these celebrities have had problems with their teeth due to poor dental hygiene or genetics.

Others lost their teeth from accidents or injuries. Whatever the reason, these celebrities had to get dentures at some point in their lives. And they are not the only ones! There are millions of people around the world who wear dentures or have false teeth.


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