HBO Max vs. Disney+: Here's which streaming service is better (2023)

The streaming wars in the subscription-based media era continueHBO Maxenters the crease – but now the attention is on how it comparesDisney+. The two streaming services are two of the new generation additions to compete with suchNetflixand Amazon Prime. There are many aspects to consider when comparing services, but based on everything that is known, it is possible to pick a winner correctly.

Disney+ debuted in mid-November 2019, just after Apple TV+, and Peacock and Quibi have since been introduced. HBO Max is the latest addition to the group of streaming giants and humble newcomers. While each service tries to make a splash with its own exclusives and selling points, they all have to try to survive the various problems that ensueCoronavirus Pandemie.

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With HBO Max launching in late May 2020, many potential subscribers are curious to see how it stacks up against Disney+. As of May, Disney+ has 54.5 million subscribers, an impressive feat. HBO Max might struggle to get those kinds of numbers, but given the evidence, they might be the better streaming option.

HBO Max vs Disney+ Cost & Value

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One of the most important factors when choosing a streaming service is cost. When subscribers spend hard-earned money, they want to make sure they're getting the most value. Disney+, which is still in its first year of existence, was attractive due to its relatively low price. Disney+ is currently $6.99/month with a $69.99 option for a one-year subscription, which reduces to $5.83/month. Disney also offers a bundle for Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ for $12.99/month. Plans allow access for up to four streamers simultaneously with HD and 4K content where available.

In the meantime,HBO Max carries a heftier price tagmaking it the most expensive standard streaming service plan to date. As of now, the WarnerMedia service is priced at $14.99/month. There are no options for an annual plan or tiered plans based on users or concurrent streaming. Additionally,HBO Max does not currently support 4K HDR. In comparison, Netflix offers plans from $8.99 to $15.99/month, while Apple TV+ is only $4.99/month.

Although HBO Max's monthly price may seem a bit high, the service deliversfree access for existing HBO customers. Those who pay for HBO's premium package get HBO Max through certain cable providers. HBO Now subscribers will also be migrated to HBO Max at no additional cost. For those who might need more time to decide if the price is worth it, HBO is currently offering a 7-day free trial.

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HBO Max vs. Originalinhalte von Disney+

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When it comes to original content, both HBO Max and Disney+ are a bit disappointing. It has had a slight edge since Disney+ launched in November 2019. Their original content was overwritten withThere Mandalorians, a live-action series set in the United Stateswar of starsUniverse. ExceptHigh School Musical: The Musical: The SeriesAndDiary of a future President,Disney+ hasn't placed a focus on scripted content, relying instead on documentaries, animated shorts, and reality shows. Even her roster of original films has yet to impress, including five titlesLady and the trampAndstar girl.

HBO Max is in the same boat when it comes to original programming, or what the service calls "Max Originals." At the time of launch, HBO Max only offered one scripted series,love life, in addition to the animated seriesLooney Tunes cartoons.The service will seek to bolster its initial lineup with releases from in the first monthAdventure Time: Distant Lands, Doom PatrolSeason 2,search partySeason 3 and the Seth Rogen Movie,An American cucumber.However, the most anticipated title will be the exclusive airing ofJustice League Snyder Cut.

As far as future content goes, Disney+ has the upper hand due to the upcoming releases ofThe Falcon and the Winter Soldier,WandaVision,There MandaloriansSeason 2,monsters at work,and other serieswar of starsor the MCU. On the movie side, Disney+ seems to be going the reboot route with remakes ofCheaper by the dozen, father of the bride, home alone, at night in the museum,AndThe parent trap.Unfortunately for Disney,Disney+ does not keep its promiseconsidering their creative delays and title cancellations.

Aside from developing oneFriendsgoodbye specialand aGossip Girlreboot,HBO Max seems to prioritize fresh ideaswith links to previous franchises, such ashouse of the dragon,Overlook, Dune: The Sisterhood,Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai,Andjustice league dark. HBO Max plans to have 31 original titles by the end of year one, and 50 by the end of 2021. If that's the case, they could easily overtake Disney+ in terms of original content.

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HBO Max vs. Disney+ Back-Katalog

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Both services rolled out huge back catalogs, howeverHBO Max currently reigns supremein this category compared to Disney's streamer. Disney+ could be home towar of stars, the MCU and Pixar, but what about viewers outside of those fandoms? The streamer is primarily aimed at younger viewers and has faced censorship criticism for its other programs. There may be thousands of TV episodes and hundreds of movies, but the offerings don't cater to viewers of all ages.The Simpsonsis a selling point, but the rest is from Disney classics, Disney Channel programming, and other nostalgic content.

HBO Max launched with over 10,000 hours of content featuring titles from Warner Bros. Pictures, New Line Cinema, DC Entertainment, TBS, TNT, TruTV, CNN, Cartoon Network, The CW, Turner Classic Movies, Crunchyroll, Rooster Teeth and Adult Swim. Additionally, the streaming service is HBO-focused, so all previously released and future content is available for subscribers. From the most popular titles are readily availableFriends,The big Bang Theory,Doctor Who,The Sopranos, AndRick und Morty. It will soon be home tooSud ParkSeasons 1-23. The film collection is also more impressive with all eightHarry Pottermovies thatLord of the ringsTrilogy, DC-Movies,GodzillaTitles and horror classics. In addition, HBO offers a better list of classics such asCasablanca,Blown by the wind,The Adventures of Robin Hood,AndBen-How.

HBO Max vs. Disney+ UI and Experience

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Like every streaming service that has come before it, HBO Max is sure to face some growing pains. Disney+ had a few issues at launch, including sign-in issues, episodes listed out of order, and aspect ratio issues. They've since fixed those hiccups and added a "Continue Watching" button after numerous requests from users. While its interface is clean and easy to navigate, it still lacks a few features that HBO Max already has one of.

HBO Max took a page out of Netflix's playbook by recordinga progress bar under the thumbnailfor every TV series and movie. It even goes a step further by leaving the bar there to give viewers an idea of ​​what they've already seen. This, along with the Coming Soon and Last Chance sections, sets it apart from the rest.The interface is easy to useand HBO Max strives to highlight content intended to be promoted. So in this case, HBO Max wins the User Interface and Experience category.


Is HBO Max or Disney+ better?

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Considering all the elements listed above, HBO Max has a lot more potential than Disney+, but the only caveat is the price. The latest streamer has a wider range of content, whether it's scheduled original programs or the existing library. Disney+ may have the big-budget titles and Juggernaut Studios on board, but its content is still very limited. HBO Max offers titles across a variety of genres and caters to all demographics. It also has a head start on the interface, although it's been around for a much shorter time.

There is no doubt about itDisney+attracts subscribers due to the lower cost, but if users are really looking for value when it comes to content, HBO Max is still the better option. As long as WarnerMedia builds its library, they can justify the cost. It appears the company is continuing to build relationships with cable providers to give existing HBO subscribers a chance to upgradeHBO Maxfree of charge. There's also a chance they'll look for cheaper options down the road to keep up with the current streaming wars.

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