HBO Max Vs Disney Plus – Which is Better [Years] (2023)

HBO Max and Disney Plusare the latest subscription streaming services to hit the market, but both do well for upstarts. For example, HBO Max is now neck and neck with the Disney Plus services, so how do they stack up?

There are many streaming services these days and it is impossible to subscribe to all of them. I mean it would be too much trouble and financially draining. You have the ultimate choice between HBO Max and Disney Plus.

There are several aspects to consider when comparing these services, but it is up to you to make your choice. HBO Max and Disney Plus both have their strengths and weaknesses. But they have certain traits that set them apart from their counterparts. Without saying too much, let's dive right in and find out how HBO Max and Disney Plus compare.

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HBO Max overview

HBO Max is among the latest streaming services to hit the market. The service launched in late May 2020, and many potential subscribers are excited to try this newcomer. This streaming service, owned by WarnerMedia, essentially aggregates content from the company's brands such as HBO, Warner Bros, and DC.

HBO Max's biggest rival is Netflix, but Disney Plus comes second. The reason HBO Max and Disney Plus are close competitors is the fact that they both have fairly popular TV shows and movies in their content libraries, and many of them are aimed at kids.

HBO Max is a streaming service worth considering as a subscriber because it includes everything you'll find on HBO. It also brings with it a huge back catalog of your favorite shows like The Big Bang Theory and hundreds of Warner films like The Hobbit.

There really is a lot of content in their library to keep you entertained day and night. That being said, HBO Max is a great option for people who are already subscribed to HBO Now. Since the cost is the same, you might as well buy HBO Max and enjoy a lot more content.

Disney Plus overview

We all know the legendary company Disney. Everything they do just seems to thrive and grow big, even without trying. Ditto for their burgeoning streaming service, Disney Plus.

After Disney Plus launched in November 2019, it's given titans like Netflix and Amazon Prime sleepless nights. As we speak, Disney Plus already has over 100 million subscribers in the two years it's been on the market.

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Those are numbers HBO Max is still struggling with. It's actually fair to say that Disney Plus has been a success for a burgeoning streaming service.

So what are the selling points for this service? For one thing, Disney Plus is budget-friendly. This makes it affordable for the majority. Second, you're sure to like the features you get for the price. Let's not forget that this service is family-oriented, and that means the adults will enjoy it as much as the kids.

We've barely touched on the details, and that's where we're heading now. Viewers need to see how these services compare in terms of price, user experience, content, design, etc.

HBO Max vs. Disney Plus: Quick feature comparison

Especially in terms of content, there are many differences between HBO Max and Disney Plus. But you will find that there are other major differences. Here is a quick comparison of the two services that will also give you an idea of ​​the features both have to offer their potential viewers.

DisneyPlus HBO Max
monthly price $8 $15
Availability Now Now
Mobile Downloads And And
To sue NO NO
Top Title Toy Story, Die Simpsons, The Mandalorian. Friends,Rick und Morty, Game of Thrones.
4K HDR available And NO
number of streams 4 3

HBO Max vs Disney Plus: Pricing and Availability

Price is always a major factor in determining a suitable streaming service. You can only go for what you can afford. Also, subscribers want to make sure they are actually getting the most value out of their hard-earned money.

The biggest difference between HBO Max and Disney Plus is the price. Disney Plus costs $7.99 per month while HBO Max costs $14.99 per month. You can already see that HBO Max's monthly subscription cost is double that of Disney Plus.

The relatively low price is one of the reasons many people are drawn to Disney Plus. The truth is, viewers don't want to spend a lot of money on streamers, and anything that can help them save money would be a good choice.

Meanwhile, HBO Max has a pretty hefty price tag. For a standard plan, it has one of the most expensive monthly subscriptions. Both HBO Now and HBO Max cost $15 per month, which is a bit confusing for some of us, but we just have to face it.

Those who opt for a pre-order offer where they pay a full year in advance can get a discount. The price drops to $12 per month. Other discounts are also offered and you can find them if you search hard enough.

DisneyPlusis obviously cheaper than HBO Max. The best part is the features that come with the standard plan. You can stream the content in HD and 4K HDR where available. It also offers up to four simultaneous streams, which is a commendable step for the price.

In addition, Disney offers a bundle of Disney Plus, ESPN+, and Hulu for just $12.99 per month. With it, you can watch more sports and your favorite shows from Hulu.

If you want to stay longer, Disney has an annual plan for you, priced at $79.99. It will actually save you a good sum of money, and in these trying times of a pandemic we will take whatever savings we can get.

HBO doesn't offer options for an annual plan or other tired plans. The service currently does not support either4K-HDRstream. If you're into 4K streaming, you're better off with Disney Plus.

All in all, Disney Plus is taking the lead in the price war. It's reasonably priced and offers features like 4K streaming not available on HBO Max. If you choose Disney, you definitely get more value for your money.

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If you're already an HBO Now subscriber, you might as well migrate to HBO Max since the price is the same. In fact, HBO Now is actually migrated to HBO Max at no additional cost.

You get access to a lot more content for the same price, and that seems like a fair deal to most of us. For those who need some time to decide whether to switch to HBO Max, there's currently a seven-day free trial.

Unfortunately, Disney Plus doesn't currently offer free trials.

HBO Max vs. Disney: Originalinhalt

The truth is that both HBO Max and Disney Plus are a bit underwhelming in terms of original content. Launched earlier, Disney Plus has a slight edge. Still, the service couldn't do much in terms of releasing original content to keep viewers happy.

Apart from some like The Mandalorian from the Star Wars universe, High School Musical and Diary of a Future President, there isn't much original Disney content. However, we can't completely dismiss Disney Plus as it has managed to put out a decent list of popular movies and TV shows.

It might not have Netflix's endless library, but a good number of their films have been big hits. We're still looking forward to more Disney Plus Originals, and hopefully they'll be coming soon.

HBO Max is the newest streaming service in town, and that means it's in the same boat as Disney Plus when it comes to original programming. At its launch, there was only one scripted series from HBO Max and it was called Love Life alongside an animated series, the Looney Tunes Cartoons.

Soon after, the service decided to bolster its original lineup with the release of more originals, including Search Party Season 3, Doom Patrol Season 2, and a Seth Rogen movie called An American Pickle.

Disney Plus definitely struggled to have so many breakouts when it comes to original content. With the exception of The Mandalorian, which was an incredible hit, there are fewer other original films to talk about.

On the other hand, HBO Max is better suited to the original content. This is thanks to the six Max Originals already streaming and the popular series called Love Life. The pandemic may have affected the service as some content has been delayed, but plenty of originals are being released.

HBO Max plans to release nearly 100 titles by the end of 2021. Although Disney had promised many upcoming releases to its subscribers, those promises have proven difficult to live up to. Viewers are certainly disappointed by the delays and cancellations of titles.

So what kind of movies and TV shows are likely to be found in the catalogs of HBO Max and Disney Plus? Both streaming services have fairly large content libraries because they don't just source their content from a single brand.

Disney Plus compiles its massive library from a total of five brands, including Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic and of course Disney. HBO Max, on the other hand, includes content from the Warner Bros., DC, and HBO film and television series. It also distributes BBC and Studio Ghibli content.

HBO Max vs. Disney Plus: Back-Katalog

There is an extensive back catalog for both services. However, HBO Max ranks first in this category. While Disney Plus tries to cater to the needs of all generations with its brands like Star Wars, Pixar, and MCU, these don't cater to all types of viewers.

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Disney Plus is a streamer primarily aimed at the younger generations. That means those who want to watch more adult programming are basically locked out. There are many movies and shows on this streamer, but the programming doesn't necessarily cover viewers of all ages.

If you want to enjoy Disney classics and other Disney Channel programming, then this is the streaming service for you. It's the place to go if you want to go through your childhood memories and all that nostalgic stuff. But as far as adult content goes, there's not that much of it on Disney Plus.

Meanwhile, HBO Max made its debut with over 10,000 hours of content. These included titles from Warner Bros. Pictures, DC Entertainment, New Line Cinema, TNT, TBS, TruTV, CNN, Turner Classic Movies, The CW, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim.

Additionally, HBO Max is a streaming service that is mostly about HBO. This means that all content that the network has previously published and its future content will be made available to subscribers. There are many popular titles from HBO Max includingDoctor Who, The Sopranos, The Big Bang Theory and more.

The film catalog is made even better with all eightHarry PotterMovies, DC movies, Godzilla titles and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Also, if you compare the Disney Plus roster of classics to HBO Max's, HBO takes the crown. They have exciting classics like Gone with the Wind, The Adventures of Robin Hood and Casablanca.

HBO Max is also adding to its library an entire catalog of Studio Ghibli anime films that have not yet been released for streaming in the US.

In conclusion, HBO Max has the upper hand when it comes to variety, especially for adults. Disney Plus relies more on family-oriented content, but it's still not suitable for all ages.

Compatible devices

Disney Plus seems to be compatible with pretty much every device you can find. The good thing is that most of these devices are the best for streaming, so you don't have to worry. Some of the devices you can use to stream are Android phones, iPhones, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and a wide range of Smart TVs.

Meanwhile, HBO Max is available on Google Chromecast, Apple devices, Android devices, Xbox, PlayStation 4 and the newer models of Samsung Smart TVs. Unfortunately, it's not yet on Roku or even the Amazon Fire TVs.

It's really a huge downside considering these are among the most popular streaming devices. It's disappointing, but we hope that sooner or later the service will be available on these two devices.

At launch, Disney Plus offered support for 4K video streaming and Dolby Atmos surround sound, in addition to a maximum of four simultaneous streams. On the other hand,HBO Max only offers up to three simultaneous streamsand does not support 4K HDR or Dolby Atmos.

But there are promises that these will be included at some point in the future. The truth is that HBO Max is missing a few key features, which is a huge disappointment for the service. But it was only recently launched and things will gradually get better.

However, Disney Plus takes the crown in this category. When it launched, this streaming service was already packed with the features viewers need. That means they understand exactly what people are looking for in a streamer.

Are both services ideal for the kids?

Growing up, we always watched Disney shows and cartoons. And then you hear that the legendary company has launched a streamer made up of family-friendly content. With that said, it's easy to think that Disney Plus has an edge over HBO Max when it comes to kid-friendly content.

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Well, we hate to tell you, but this time you're wrong. HBO Max is gaining more subscribers from families with young children thanks to its programming aimed at children. This new service is home to kid-focused originals like Sesame Street and the Looney Tunes cartoons, as well as the cartoon network's entire catalog. In addition to all of the Studio Ghibli films, HBO Max also includes the Leo films and Doctor Who.

As you may already know, Disney Plus mainly offers shows and films that are aimed at children. There is nothing R- or M-rated on this streaming platform. However, there is some intense PG and PG-13 content that isn't really suited to younger audiences.

Luckily, Disney Plus has parental controls if you don't want the younger viewers in your home accessing inappropriate content. In this case, parents create profiles for their children and then switch the profile to On. This will automatically prevent PG and PG-13 content from showing up on the kids' profiles.

On the other hand, this feature is not useful for all ages. You cannot possibly enable PG content and then disable PG-13 content at the same time. However, some people argue that since there's technically no R- or M-rated content on the platform, the parental control features don't need to be that intense. That being said, Disney Plus needs to step up its parental controls and stop making excuses.

Meanwhile, HBO Max makes things easy by ensuring that the child's profiles are customizable. Parents select the rating levels for the children ranging from PG, PG-13, G, R and NC-17 for the films. The rating levels for the TV shows are TV-G, TV-14, TV-PG,TV-MA, TV-Y7 and TV-Y. Also, you can create and enable a passcode that will prevent the kids from logging out of their profile and accessing your profile.

Disney Plus may have earned a reputation for having the best programming for kids, but HBO Max definitely has a lot going for parental controls.

On the platform, you can connect two profiles to create a dedicated viewing area for the programs you watch with the kids. This is smart because it prevents you from messing up your own recommendation engine.

In summary, Disney Plus is definitely taking the lead when it comes to providing ideal content for kids. Meanwhile, HBO Max has the upper hand because it offers the best customizable kid profiles as well as great content. HBO Max obviously has an advantage here.

HBO Max vs. Disney Plus: User Interface and User Experience

Disney Plus has an easy-to-use interface characterized by rows of tiles sorted into categories like Recommended for you, Watch next, and so on.

HBO Max takes the same approach, only its design is more visually appealing. The fewer tiles on the screen create rest for the eyes. Disney Plus has hubs for each brand at the top of the homepage, including Marvel, Pixar, Nation Geographic, Star Wars, and Disney.

HBO Max also has a pretty similar hub if you scroll down the profile page. The truth is that both streaming platforms offer more or less the same ease of use and user experience.

HBO Max vs Disney Plus: Which Service is Best?

You can't go wrong with Disney Plus if you're looking for pure content for your kids. From the classic to the original, everything is included.

But HBO Max has a massive catalog of movies and shows exclusive to the platform, and we love the parental controls. Also, it makes more sense to choose HBO Max if you are already a subscriber to HBO Now.

The price is the same for both services. For those who want variety and more content to keep the adults happy, HBO Max ticks all the right boxes.

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