The funniest and most entertaining episodes of Grand Tour guaranteed to make you happy (2023)

The Great Tourhas a special place in our hearts, right? The adventures of the three nature lovers, <>Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond und James May,made us fall in love with adventure and wildlife.<>

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After the squad of three, Jeremy, Clarkson and Richard moved on from <>top gear, everyone wondering what their next adventure would be. But soon after, <>The Great Tourwas announced by <>Amazon Primeand was very similar to Top Gear in many angles. The main difference, which was very apparent, was the amount of budget given to the trio per episode.<>

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All thanks to the extra large sum of money Clarkson, Hammond and May were able to produce more exciting and expansive episodes than they ever had. This also led to some special episodes and some never seen before.<>

The show has been running for quite some time now, but there are a few episodes of the show that will grab your attention as much as they did for us.<>

So let's take a look at some of the most interesting episodes of the adventurous trio-led show<>

1.The Salty Adventures

The funniest and most entertaining episodes of Grand Tour guaranteed to make you happy (2)

The special episodes of <>big tourare known for the outstanding creativity and novelty they bring to the table. In addition to the spirit of adventure, the show is also what we like to see, which is humor. The show includes a lot of hilarity as the presenters often use old cars or available vehicles, placing them well outside of their comfort zone. However, in episode 11 of Season 3, the trio of Clarkson, Hammond, and May broke from this formula and bought 3 Grand Touring Cars for a <> driveGeorgiato <>Azerbaijan.

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And since there were a lot of real obstacles for the trio to overcome, the whole episode felt more interesting compared to their other adventures. There were a few more interesting highlights in the episode, such as when May Stalin's closet broke and the "real race". And of course the cars were the stars of the episode, which looked absolutely amazing.<>

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2. The Colombian Adventures of the Trio

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This was the most interesting and special episode of the whole 3rd season. Episodes 2 and 3 of the season set the stage for what would come in later seasons and episodes of the show. It was a traditional special in every sense of the word, as Clarkson, Hammond and May were given the simple task of becoming wildlife photographers.<>

The trio will keep you entertained as they were in full form and constantly cracking jokes about Colombia's trade exports as well as being useless for photography.<>

There were many great moments in the episode that made it more interesting and fun to watch. One is Clarkson's encounter with a group of people who liked donkeys, and the other is the trio's attempts to photograph the animals. <>

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There were also some very dangerous obstacles that the threesome faced during episodes like old broken bridges and <>Hagel,which made the episodes all the more adventurous and enjoyable.<>

3. The Sailors

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This episode entitled “<>sailors"is one of the most recently broadcast. "Seamen" was a welcome return to The Grand Tour after the show had not aired for almost a year. In its fourth season, the trio had decided to do something new with a special, saying goodbye to the car element and favoring the boats this time. Although this idea was risky and dangerous, the adventurous threesome managed to pull it off. It also helped reinforce the fact that episodes of the show in recent years have been less about vehicles.<>

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Clarkson, Hammond and May were challenged to complete their journey through <> in this hilarious episode that marks the first of Season 4Cambodiaand <>Vietnamby boat. The trio had a blast doing it, and the episodes contain a lot of swearing, jokes, and basic faffing. It's an episode that's incredibly entertaining to watch as the boys clearly had no control over their boats. Even Clarkson, the only one enthusiastic about the challenge, struggled to keep his boat under control. It was a really great episode to start the series in season 4.<>

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4. The adventurous buggy boys

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Who doesn't love buggy rides? Although season 1 of <>The Great Tourgot off to a pretty shaky start with its viewership numbers, the show managed to grab the audience's hook in no time.<>

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Season 1 episodes 7 and 8 were as shaky as the show's ratings at the time. The main problem was that it was a Clarkson, Hammond and May car show, but it had to be different from <> in some waytop gear. This season, the show definitely nailed the differences. There were many entertaining parts and fights that made the episodes much more interesting to watch.<>

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By far the best episodes of the season were the two episodes dedicated to the Namibia special. These were the guys doing what they do best, and in this case their best was racing dune buggies across a desert. Their banter was on top form, the scenery was amazing and there were some truly breathtaking moments. That was exactly what you want from a Grand Tour special.<>

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5. The buffoon's holiday

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Also Episode 8 of Season 3 is one of the best when it comes to the Grand Tour. In this episode, Clarkson, Hammond and May vacation in the United States in <>mobile homes. But they don't want to share the RVs, so they branch out and buy their own RVs and modify them to their liking. May turns his RV into a pub, Clarkson turns his RV into a toilet/speedboat hybrid, and Hammond buys a van and makes it worse.<>

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The episode is one of the most interesting of the many as the obstacles that come their way and all the things that go wrong with them will make you laugh until your bones ache. The prank sessions these three had together in the midst of all the chaos add a Midas touch to the episode.<>

6. Survival of the Fattest

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Almost every Grand Tour fan has this episode in their top five episodes of all time, if not number one. The three boys grab <>Mongolia, and on the edge of the Gobi desert, are challenged to drive to the city of <>I mumble.<>

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But the biggest obstacle comes when, instead of letting them choose their cars, the trio are asked to build their flat-pack car and given limited food and drink rations to survive. The wild ride through deserts, swamps and rough terrain pushes the trio to their limits as they realize that they must either work together, starve or strangle each other. <>

7. Operation Desert

The funniest and most entertaining episodes of Grand Tour guaranteed to make you happy (8)

With the first season of Grand Tour, audiences became accustomed to the show's different format. The first episode calmed the fears of the three, but the second episode had the unenviable task of putting the traditional "challenges" in a new light. The episode "Operation Desert Stumble" was the show's first attempt at showing Clarkson, Hammond, and May as stupid outside the tent.<>

This episode is definitely one of the most entertaining as the trio had to rescue hostages and bring them to the embassy while fighting off insurgents.<>


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